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Easy No-Code Website and Store Builder

Get a branded e-commerce website in minutes using Jemi's drag and drop site builder. No coding or design skills required.
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Get a branded site in minutes
Claras Candles
Choose a template
Select from any of our website and online store templates. Tons of templates available with different colors, fonts, and layouts to fit your personal and business goals and needs.
Customize your site
Customize the content, layout, and font of your website to fit your brand. Easily drag and drop blocks to create the exact structure you want.
Add your products
Add digital products, physical merchandise, and any digital services to sell. Use advanced commerce tools like custom variants and flexible pricing.
Market your business
Share your online store on social media, via email, and any other touch point. Use advanced SEO tools to make your business site rank highly on Google.
Simple, beautiful websites for anyone
George Poulos


George Poulos
Youtubers, NFT artists, Tiktokers, and so many other creators use Jemi to build their personal websites and link in bio sites. Get more brand deals, engage with your communities, and monetize your audience.
Claret Design Studio


Claret Design Studio
Solo-preneurs, freelancers, and businesses use Jemi to build personal websites and landing pages. Land that perfect job, sell e-books, make recurring revenue, and continue to grow your brand and income online.

Small Businesses

Small businesses use Jemi to sell products, keep their audiences engaged, and create a stunning websites that help them push their brand towards success. With Jemi at the helm, running an e-commerce business is a breeze.
Why Jemi?
Jemi is the easiest way for anyone to build a website and e-commerce store.
Commerce made simple
Jemi is a simple yet powerful e-commerce platform that provides all the features you need to operate your business smoothly, including stunning product pages, pricing information, and payment processing.

With Jemi, you can establish a new revenue stream and have an online store that matches your brand, builds customer trust, and supports your digital commerce operations.
easy to use
Easy to Use
Creating beautiful websites and stores just got easier. With Jemi, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping elements into place, customizing artwork and text, and fine-tuning every last detail.

You’re in control of your brand’s aesthetic, making it as sleek or maximalist as you like.
Responsive Web Design
To provide a fantastic web experience for your audience, you need responsive web design. Jemi's website builder helps you create responsive sites that adapt easily to any screen. So no matter what device you use to visit the Jemi website, you can expect a smooth experience.
Responsive Web Design
Templates for Every Type of Website
Jemi provides many professionally designed templates for creating a stunning landing page, portfolio website, e-commerce store, or link in bio site.

Once you choose a template, customize the font, layout, and content to ensure that your site matches your brand.
Grow your business online

SEO Friendly

Jemi is a search engine-friendly website builder, built to help your site get as much organic exposure as possible. Many factors contribute to your site's visibility on search engine result pages. Jemi is designed for SEO and responsive design, so you can create a website that both humans and search engines will enjoy.

Affordable Pricing

Get started for free, and upgrade your account when you need to. Use our commerce tools, website design features and community resources before upgrading to an enhanced package.

Custom Domain Name

With our Pro and Business plans, you can get a custom domain name to complement your brand identity. Having a custom domain is critical if you want to make it easier for customers to find you online and connect with your business.
Advanced features to supercharge your website and store

Embed Custom Code Like iFrames and JavaScript

With the Pro or Business plan, you have the option of adding advanced embeds of custom code. From inline frames to HTML content to dynamically updated content with JavaScript, anything is possible with Jemi.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration

Jemi's analytic integrations let you monitor traffic, strategize your marketing efforts and maximize your monetization efforts. Integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to get a full picture on how your audience interacts with your site.

Embed TikToks, Videos, and Music

Jemi allows you to embed content of any kind. Whether you have content on Youtube, Tiktok, Soundcloud, Twitter, or any other content platform, Jemi makes it easy for you to aggregate and display your work online. This makes it easier for your audience to consume your content from a single place.

Easy Email Popups and Mailchimp Integration

With the Pro or Business plan, you can integrate your site with Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers features that can be customized to your Jemi website. Prompt visitors to join your email list, so they can be the first to know about site updates, product releases, and more.

Sell Merch, Digital Downloads, and Subscriptions

Launch a professional online store in minutes and begin selling. Create product pages, add vibrant photos, and accept payments with Stripe and PayPal. Sell physical merchandise, digital downloads, and ongoing subscription services.

Stripe and PayPal Integration to Accept Payments

Jemi provides a built-in Stripe and PayPal integration. You can accept payments effortlessly without worrying about security issues or handling private information.

Start a Blog in Minutes

Jemi allows you to create a beautiful blog to showcase your writing. Your readers can find all of your content in one place. You can also create paywalls to monetize your blog whenever you are ready and generate recurring revenue.

Instantly Published

All Jemi websites are hosted and published by Jemi, so you don't have to worry about any behind the scenes migrations or servers. Plus, your site is instantly published and discoverable online.
Trusted by thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, and communities
Miroslav Makrlik
I discovered Jemi when I decided to start my own website. I am a complete novice in this but choosing from their many templates made it easy. I watched many of their helpful tutorials and even reached out via email when I got a bit confused due to being a newbie. They always responded, were very friendly and helpful and, hey presto, now I have my own website. I couldn't do it without them. Thank you Jemi.
Jemi has been great as a website builder - very easy to use, and the customer service is impeccable!
Joro Dudovski
Jemi is one of the best platforms that I found to be super easy to use and finally made me take the next step and buy a custom domain and build my official website with their platform.
Ecolist Clouds
I absolutely love it, the drag and drop feature is so easy to use and I love how easy it is to connect a domain!
Nina Sung
Jemi is really unique in that it is the only truly all-in-one solution for creators. What's more, they really listen to their users to constantly be improving and you can tell they really care about their peeps. 10/10 highly recommend :)
Jemi is the most convenient tool that I needed to finally launch my own website. I did not even need to tap into my previous HTML coding experience, the website is so easy to customize to your liking and I’m glad I did it. I slacked for a year and all it took was 10 mins to set-up my profile. Thanks Jemi! 💚
Jemi has THE BEST customer service and creator service I've ever seen! Unique product offerings are possible thanks to the Jemi team's creative, supportive and personal attention to the creators and customers. Thank you Jemi!
Bea Chu
I’ve been contemplating about creating a website/landing page to make my brand more presentable. Finding out about Jemi has saved me the trouble of making my own website from scratch, and have given me the confidence and convenience to have all my necessary links and works consolidated in one presentable place. A big BONUS is having such a wonderful team and community behind it. Really glad I hopped on aboard. :)
I've been using JEMI for a few years now and it is our main website:! The team is nothing but awesome and always listens to what i need but usually i don't need them as it's just so easy to build stuff on there,... it's a one stop solution for artists and small business alike, super happy to be building with them!
Hattie Wynter
Jemi has been a game-changer for my online presence. I’ve loved the easy to use website builder that has helped me create a gorgeous website that truly reflects my brand. I’m incredibly impressed by Jemi’s customer service too, who are always prompt, knowledgable, and make me feel valued as a user.
Nayt Christensen
Using Jemi to build my business website was a game changer; its intuitive interface made the process incredibly straightforward, and their lightning-fast support turned any potential issue into a breeze. An exceptional experience that undoubtedly catalyzed my business growth.
Marjory Haraguchi
I remain extremely impressed by the Jemi product and the ability to truly customize a website to your liking and needs. I am equally impressed by their customer service team with incredible turnaround time on detailed responses - it truly shows how much I'm valued as a client and also their expertise on the product. I highly recommend Jemi for whatever it is you're looking to create.
Leejoo Hwang
Jemi was a great way to quickly build my portfolio website. Anytime I needed support, the Jemi team was fast to provide support.
Build your dream website with Jemi
Making a website and store has never been easier. With Jemi’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, you can build a website and store that is unique and professional. Get started today.