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The easy way to make a website

No-code and blazing fast. Everything you need to build a website for yourself, business, or project. Get inspired from our templates or start from scratch.

Jemi is perfect for anyone who wants to build a simple, beautiful website



Youtubers, NFT artists, Tiktokers, and so many other creators use Jemi to build their personal websites and link in bio sites. Get more brand deals, engage with your communities, and monetize your audience.



Solo-preneurs, freelancers, and businesses use Jemi to build personal websites and landing pages. Land that perfect job, sell e-books, make recurring revenue, and continue to grow your brand and income online.



Students use Jemi's no-code website builder to create a simple, yet beautiful online portfolios. Get recognized by future employers with a stunning website that reflects your personality and unique skillsets.

Templates for every use case

Whether youโ€™re looking to build a personal website, art portfolio, online store, or landing page for your business, weโ€™ve got you covered.
Personal websites & portfolios
Creators, students, and freelancers use Jemi to build a professional online presence. Showcase all of your work in one single page and land your dream job, gig, or project.
Beautiful link in bios
Music artists, influencers, and freelancers use Jemi to build beautifully customized link in bio sites to showcase all of their content and build their brand.
E-commerce & membership sites
Creators & entrepreneurs use Jemi to build an online store and membership site, where they can sell anything from merch, digital downloads, to monthly subscriptions. Stop stitching together multiple monetization tools.
Landing pages for your business or product
Entrepreneurs use Jemi to create stunning landing pages for their new project ideas, features, and campaigns.ย 

Why choose Jemi

We know there are a lot of website builders out there. Here's why our users love growing with Jemi.


Easy to use

Building a website has never been easier. Use Jemi to build a website without pulling your hair out. No coding or design experience required.


Built in e-commerce

Whether you're on our free or paid plan, get access to all the features you need to start your e-commerce business.


Affordable pricing for everyone

Get started for free and only upgrade when you need to! You can get access to advanced features like custom domain for just $9/mo.


Trusted by thousands of creators, students, and communities
Jemi is really unique in that it is the only truly all-in-one solution for creators. What's more, they really listen to their users to constantly be improving and you can tell they really care about their peeps. 10/10 highly recommend :)
Jemi is the most convenient tool that I needed to finally launch my own website. I did not even need to tap into my previous HTML coding experience, the website is so easy to customize to your liking and Iโ€™m glad I did it. I slacked for a year and all it took was 10 mins to set-up my profile. Thanks Jemi! ๐Ÿ’š
Jemi has THE BEST customer service and creator service I've ever seen! Unique product offerings are possible thanks to the Jemi team's creative, supportive and personal attention to the creators and customers. Thank you Jemi!
Jemiโ€™s been so great for me to stay connected with my fans and also display all of my content!
Jemi is a great tool to put all your social media links, services, and your personal brand onto a single website. It works great and there are a variety of tools that helps grow my online presence!
Iโ€™ve been contemplating about creating a website/landing page to make my brand more presentable. Finding out about Jemi has saved me the trouble of making my own website from scratch, and have given me the confidence and convenience to have all my necessary links and works consolidated in one presentable place. A big BONUS is having such a wonderful team and community behind it. Really glad I hopped on aboard. :)
Jemi makes it too easy to showcase your music! As a creator, I love that I can build my own home page and even provide digital product offerings to my listeners.
I've honestly never met people as dedicated to helping creators achieve their goals as the folks behind Jemi. Finding ways to keep your dream going can be difficult at times, but Jemi makes it easy to talk to your fans and truly find out what they want. I'm honestly excited to be a part of it.
Jemi has given me the opportunity to connect on a much more intentional level with up and coming music producers and songwriters. The platform is very user friendly and allows me to easily provide quality interactions with my fans.
I love working with Jemi. Their interface is easy to use and above all else, their customer service and rapid response to any question is better than anything I've dealt with in almost two decades as a comedian.

Build your dream website with Jemi

Jemi's free website builder makes it easy for anyone to build a completely customized link in bio, portfolio site, and store in minutes.