Learn Tips & Tricks On How to Make the Most Out of Jemi

Our workshops & blog posts are designed to teach you how to build the perfect website and online store.

Quick Video Tutorials

Watch our quick < 3 min tutorial videos to get started with your Jemi website. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at assisant@jemi.app or join our Discord.

Jemi Quick Tutorial (Start Here)

New to Jemi? Start here! We'll be covering Jemi's basic website building features.

Jemi E-commerce Features

Learn more about our shop & membership features with this short video.

Introduction to Templates

We'll be covering how to use templates as starting points for your website.

Custom Domain Overview

Learn how to start a connect a custom domain to your website.

Integrating Printful with Jemi

Want to start selling print-on-demand items to your audience? Learn how to connect Printful with Jemi, so you can start selling without dealing with shipping and handling.

Jemi Tutorials

Access all Jemi tutorials by subscribing to Jemi's Youtube channel.

On-Demand Workshops

All of our past workshops have been recorded! If you missed any of the events, you can access the recordings below or visit our Youtube Channel.

Jemi Workshop for Beginners

Jemi Workshop for Musicians

Jemi Workshop for NFT Owners

Jemi Workshop for Students


Want more general tips on how to build your brand and business online? Visit our blog to learn more on general branding tips and learn more about helpful features to get the most out of Jemi.

Other resources

Can't join us for our live workshops & want more than just the blogs? Join us on Discord to hang out with the Jemi team and meet other Jemi users!