Jemi vs Webflow:

What's the difference?

Jemi makes it simple to build and maintain a professional website without any coding knowledge or design skills. Perfect for creators and designers, small brands and up-and-coming entrepreneurs looking to build incredible looking sites. No coding knowledge required.

Why Jemi?

Jemi's website builder is a flexible tool, powering both simple and complex sites. With Jemi, you can build a site that helps you connect with your supporters and customers and sell products easily.

So how does Jemi compare to other website builders?

You might have heard of Webflow as you search for a website platform; let's take a closer look at how Jemi stacks up against Webflow.
A Website Builder That Requires No Coding or Design Background

When it comes to ease of use, you can't beat Jemi.

Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder

When it comes to ease of use, Jemi is the clear winner. Webflow has solid building mechanics and features that make drag-and-drop functionality possible. However, Jemi's simplicity makes it hard to measure up.

Jemi is the perfect choice for those who don't have in-depth developer knowledge, yet still want to build a website. The front-end builder lets you drag and drop elements to create the ideal digital space.

Fully Integrated E-commerce

Jemi has many impressive e-commerce tools. They're built right in and require no additional configuration, so you can start developing your store immediately.

Jemi's plug-n-play e-commerce platform allows you to turn any site into an online store quickly and easily. Manage your catalog, create individual product pages, and adjust your navigation system to help customers find what they're looking for. After that, you can manage the fulfillment process to get goods out the door to happy customers.

Setting up an e-commerce store on Jemi is a breeze. Plus, e-commerce features is available on all of Jemi plans. Compare that to Webflow that only allows you to get access to its e-commerce features under the more expensive Ecommerce plans that start at $42/mo.

Affordable Pricing Plans to Fit Your Needs

One of the best features about Jemi is its low and transparent pricing structure. With our "Free Forever" plan, there's no need to sacrifice a thing to use it. It's perfect for starting you brand and growing your business.

The "Pro" plan costs only $9 per month (billed annually), which allows you to access many available site features, a custom domain, advanced analytics and more.

Priority Support

Jemi's customer support team is available to assist you whenever you run into issues. Jemi provides reliable support for building your simple portfolio site or multi-page e-commerce store. Jemi's support team strives to answer support requests ASAP, so you don't lose sales or damage your brand reputation.

Set Up a Store In Minutes

For those who want to create an online store quickly, Jemi can be the perfect solution. Jemi and Webflow can both help you create a digital shop. However, Jemi offers the advantages of speed and simplicity.

By offering a variety of templates, Jemi allows you to create an online store quickly. Jemi's easy-to-use interface eliminates the need for extensive technical knowledge and hours of setup time.

Templates for Every Use Case

No coding or design experience is required to create a beautiful website with Jemi. Jemi has a collection of templates from top designers to get you started.

From the simple link-in-bio page to a gorgeous portfolio site, you can choose from several different templates. Jemi also has online stores and corporate landing pages for those seeking more sophisticated solutions.

Each one is customizable, so you can choose a design that fits your brand and fine-tune every element. You'll end up with a website that looks polished and true to you.

Set Up a Membership Site in Minutes

You don't need to sell traditional products if you have artistic, passion-based skills like writing, singing, photography, video making, or some other talent. The rise of membership sites is changing the way web publishers approach revenue generation.

Jemi makes setting up a membership site fast and easy. You can create a membership site with no technical skills required.

Create different tiers of membership, give rewards to customers who sign up, and set up recurring payments.

Free Plan Available

Jemi and Webflow both provide free plans. However, Jemi's "Free Forever" plan is the best of the bunch. With this plan you don't have to spend a dime to create a stunning website you're proud to show off. You'll get plenty of functionality along with the essential design features.

The free plan is ideal for you if you're looking to simply build your online presence. If you're ready to utilize more advanced features like analytics, custom domain, etc - the Pro plan is available for just $9 a month.

Find Out Why Jemi is a Better Competitor to Webflow

Jemi's website builder was built with small businesses in mind. It allows you to create a unique digital space no matter your target audience or budget.

Webflow's website builder has a lot to offer, but Jemi's dedication to simplicity and accessibility is second to none.

Check it out for yourself by signing up today.