Jemi vs Linktree:

What's the difference?

Jemi is an all-in-one website, store, and link-in-bio builder for modern creators and entrepreneurs. Build your desired digital website in minutes. No coding required.

Why Jemi?

Building a link-in-bio site on Jemi that speaks to your brand and needs is simple with user-friendly features and a multitude of customization options.

Although Jemi focuses on ease of use, it's a robust website builder that lets you unleash your creativity. So how does Jemi compare to other builders out there?

There is a wide array of site-building platforms available. One of Jemi's competitors is Linktree, a link-in-bio tool catered to the modern creator and influencer. However, Jemi's features provide added value for users looking for a website and store builder.
Supercharge Your Link In Bio

Say goodbye to plain to link in bio sites. Build a beautiful custom site and store with all the advanced tools you need to build your brand.

Advanced Customization Options

Jemi’s extensive customization options enable you to create a unique website. With Jemi, you can easily create and edit multi-page websites that fit your brand. The drag-and-drop functionality lets you add and rearrange blocks with ease.

But that's just the beginning. Jemi also allows you to customize your background colors, fonts, graphics, and media. With its limitless potential, Jemi is the perfect place for you to show off your creativity.

Fully Integrated E-commerce

If you're ready to monetize your audience, Jemi will help realize your ambitions. We have powerful e-commerce tools fully integrated into the system.

Whether you want to sell physical or digital products, we'll help you get started by providing everything you need. You can even set it to automatically transfer your earnings into your PayPal and Stripe account.

Sell your products online with the help of robust tools. Create multiple product pages, show off your goods, and market them to the best of your ability. Setting up an e-commerce store on Jemi is a breeze. Plus, e-commerce features is available on all of Jemi plans.

Advanced Website Templates

Jemi also has a ton of website templates to get you started. From simple link-in-bio sites to full-fledged e-commerce stores, it's all here.

Just choose a template and customize it. All you have to do is choose a pre-made template, customize and edit it, then publish your site - for free. Expand your business or express yourself further with a Jemi website.

Monthly Memberships

Jemi makes it easy for you to sell subscriptions and monthly memberships. It was built to be easy, yet provide all the features and power that's needed for your membership website.

Create your subscription package in just a few clicks. Simply add your own paywall content in seconds.

Jemi offers you everything you need to start selling subscriptions in minutes so you can focus on your core business.

Multiple Pages and Tabs

With Jemi, you can set up multiple pages and tabs on one site. Each of the separate pages can incorporate unique features, such as Contact Us and Shop, which gives you more flexibility than Linktree. In turn, your users will have no trouble finding the information they want on your website.

You can easily set up multiple pages to personalize your website using Jemi's available templates. This makes it perfect for small business owners, creative individuals, and more.

Sell Anything From Your Link-in-Bio

With Jemi, you can sell anything from your link in bio. Sell anything on social media, including physical goods, digital goods, and subscriptions. It's the best ecommerce platform that allows anyone to sell from their Instagram and Tiktok bio.

It's free to get started and we handle all the logistics; you set the prices, and we process credit card payments.

Plus, any business can quickly go live on their own custom domain without having to invest in a full site/store. Be in control of everything that comes into your store, and accept PayPal and Stripe Payments.

Content Beyond Links

Jemi lets you display content beyond links. It’s a new way to show off your content across all different platforms - Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, etc!

Embed videos, photos, and more. With Jemi, it’s easy to add rich media to any page on your site — without having to write any code! You can use custom images to show off your artwork or create a desired aesthetic.

Priority Support

Jemi's support team is ready to help you create a fantastic site. With easy access to support, you can address problems quickly and have a smooth experience building your site.

Find Out Why Jemi is a Better Competitor to Linktree

Jemi is the most advanced platform to create, customize, and power your link in bio website. It comes with infinite possibilities, powerful tools, flexible integrations, and endless customization options.

Check it out for yourself by signing up today.