The Easiest Website Builder for Startups

Jemi is a no-code builder that can help you create a stunning website and e-commerce store in minutes. No coding experience required! Simply drag and drop your way to an incredible site that's fully integrated with your existing backend systems.

Save money, time and headaches by avoiding third-party development services or dedicated admins. Jemi is so user-friendly and intuitive that anyone on your team can use it.

Everything You Need To Create A Professional Looking Website For Your Business Idea. Quickly.

Jemi helps you launch your ideas with a custom-built website. Whether you want to build an informational site or generate sales, Jemi's tools will help you achieve your goals.

Best part? No coding knowledge is required.

Clean Templates for Startup Ideas 💡

Start with one of Jemi's expertly designed templates. Jemi has a range of templates that are designed to suit the visual style of your business. With countless designs to choose from, you'll find layouts that best showcase your products or services. Choose a template that has an embedded video front and center, or create a visually appealing site that lists your core features.

After choosing the template, change fonts, add custom artwork, switch up the color palette, and more to make your website fit your brand needs.

Easy to Use for Anyone, From Beginners to Experts ⌨️

Jemi is one of the most user-friendly website-building platforms available. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for novice web designers to create attractive and functional sites.

Development experts love Jemi, too. It's a robust building tool that prioritizes creativity and imagination, while keeping the coding process off your plate.

Take Advantage of Extensive Integrations 🙌

Integrate Jemi with applications to supercharge your startup's website. Integrate with third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track marketing campaigns, Zapier for automating tasks, and Stripe for accepting payments.

With Jemi, you get the functionality you need in a package that is easy to use.

Responsive Web Design ⚡️

Jemi's responsive web design allows your website to be viewed on any device, providing a great user experience. Jemi's technology ensures that your site looks great on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Our responsive design ensures that your site will look good on any device. All you have to do is choose your template and customize it. We've created all our mobile-friendly components to look great on both desktop and mobile sites.

SEO Friendly ✨

Search engine optimization is a complex ongoing process that entails more than just the content you produce. Your site's performance and technology also affect how it is seen by the masses.

Jemi provides a variety of features that can help you optimize your website for search engines, including fast performance and a pleasant user experience.

Collect Emails and Set Up Waitlists 💌

Jemi's MailChimp integration makes it easy to build your audience. Jemi integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp, allowing you to harness the capabilities of one of the most powerful email marketing platforms.

You can generate popups for every new visitor and encourage them to opt into your email list. Or, set up a waitlist landing page and easily collect leads.

Custom Domain Name ✨

When you are starting a new business, branding is essential. Your website should be another tool in your marketing arsenal. Instead of a string of random third-party companies as your web address, choose a custom domain that speaks to your brand.

You can link your own custom domain to Jemi. This will give you a professional image for your company, increasing your visibility online with a custom URL.

Built-in Ecommerce 💵

When you sell products or services directly from your website, Jemi provides Stripe and PayPal integration to make accepting payments easy. Jemi also offers powerful e-commerce tools that enable you to create an online shop that will impress your customers.

Our website and store designs are created by professional artists and are available in dozens of styles. With Jemi, running an e-commerce business is easier than ever.

Stripe and Paypal Integration to Accept Payments 💳

Jemi makes it easy to establish a new stream of revenue. Whether you're selling digital goods or accepting donations from supporters, Jemi eliminates the headache of receiving payments.

Jemi provides seamless transaction processing. Built-in integrations with Stripe and PayPal allow you to take advantage of the safety and reliability offered by these powerful financial networks. Accept many forms of payment and rest easy knowing you have the backing of major payment processing companies.

Set up recurring payments and sell one-time products from your Jemi-built website.

Instantly Published ✅

Keep your customers and leads informed. Things move quickly with a startup, so you don't have time to wait for unnecessarily strict publishing guidelines or administrative processes.

Jemi allows you to publish your website in minutes and make instant updates, helping you to provide updates as they occur. Changes go live quickly, enabling you to engage with your audience and ditch the hurdles associated with publishing new content. Publish new content, keep your audience engaged, and ditch the hurdles with Jemi.

Build Your Dream Website With Jemi

Jemi is a website builder designed for startups, helping them create a site that represents their brand and supports their mission. No coding experience is required.

Create a professional website for your startup with Jemi today.