The Easiest Link-in-Bio Tool and Website Builder

Jemi is a feature-rich website builder that helps you create a simple site that connects your content and engages your audience. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, creating an amazing site has never been easier.

Templates to get you started

Choose any of our pre-built templates to build your dream link-in-bio site in no time.

Easy to Use for Anyone, From Beginners to Experts

No coding knowledge is necessary to use Jemi. The intuitive interface allows even novice website creators to design beautiful and engaging websites with ease. Our features and integrations give more experienced website creators plenty of room to let out their inner artists.

All Your Links, Content, And Products In One Place πŸ”—

With Jemi, you can create a digital home for all of your content to live. Aggregate everything you publish into one digital domain. Create a unified online presence with a single channel from which an otherwise segmented audience can sample your work and continue to follow your updates.

Endless Customization Options πŸ› 

Although Jemi has a simple design, it's highly customizable and allows you to choose the features that are right for your business. The site can be as simple or complex as you like, with options for both minimalistic and complex layouts.

With Jemi's simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can build a stunning site that's easy for your visitors to interact with.

Seamlessly Migrate From Other Link-in-Bio Tools With Our Free Tool πŸ™Œ

Switching to Jemi is easy. Simply use our migration tool to move your content over and keep your audience engaged. You don't have to start from scratch with a new design or throw them off with an unfamiliar layout.

Jemi streamlines the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition without hiccups.

Custom Domain Name ✨

Businesses, brands, and bloggers can set up a custom domain name to instantly create a recognizable web address that can become a part of your marketing strategy. This makes it an easy-to-remember link in your bio.

Allow your business the opportunity to grow. Connect a custom domain name to your Jemi link in bio site today.

Built-in Ecommerce to Sell Digital Downloads, Services, Merch and More πŸ›

When you're ready to build your business and monetize your audience, Jemi has all the features you need to get started. Sell digital products, physical merchandise, and more with powerful e-commerce tools. A simple link-in-bio site transforms into a full-fledged online retail store.

Your Jemi website is the premier place to showcase your merchandise and generate new sales. With its customizable layout, streamlined navigation, and state-of-the-art payment system, it will help you tap into a limitless market of customers.

Responsive Web Design ⚑️

Regardless of the industry you're in, a significant segment of your audience will be engaging with your content on a mobile device. Ensure a great user experience with Jemi by creating engaging content to engage your readers regardless of how they access it.

Jemi is built on responsive web design. Every element adjusts to the user's screen, so there's no more slow loading or poorly formatted pages. And since responsive technology is baked right into Jemi, your audience members will not have to turn on a feature or adjust settings. They just need to go to your website's unique URL and they'll be good to go.

SEO Friendly ✨

Use the Jemi link-in-bio tool to increase your search engine ranking, page views and organic traffic. Jemi is a website builder that helps you achieve measurable SEO results.

A website's performance affects its ability to rank for relevant keywords. Jemi designs websites that provide intuitive navigation and smooth performance across the board, which makes them ideal for the strategic use of meta tags and SEO-friendly content.

Easy Email Popups and Mailchimp Integration πŸ’Œ

Create an email marketing list and keep your audience informed. One of Jemi's many integrations is MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Use The Jemi MailChimp integration to create opt-in email lists that will automatically be added to your Mailchimp audience.

After that, you can use Mailchimp to send newsletters, updates, exclusive deals, and more. Use Jemi's simplicity to build your follower count.

Instantly Published βœ…

Jemi's link-in-bio tool allows you to make new content live in minutes. When you use Jemi, there's no need to jump through administrative hoops or to wait for approval before publishing any new content.

You can update your website whenever you want, and you can make posts on the fly. Post updates with every new social media post so that followers always have access to your latest offerings. These updates go live almost instantly.

Grow Your Audience on Instagram, Tik Tok, and More πŸ“ˆ

A link-in-bio site with Jemi can help you grow your follower count on Instagram, get more views on TikTok, gain subscribers on YouTube and much more. Jemi's link-in-bio tool is an essential platform for cross-promotion.

Organize all your content in one place, so followers from one social media platform can discover something new on another.

Accept Donations From Your Followers πŸ’΅

Jemi offers simple monetization tools that allow you to support your audience in the way they prefer, whether that's through PayPal or credit/debit cards.

Jemi has an easy-to-use payment gateway that lets you accept donations from one place. This can make accepting donations much simpler for you and your organization.

Stripe and Paypal Integration to Accept Payments πŸ’³

Accept online payments and donations on your Jemi link-in-bio website. Jemi works with Stripe, PayPal and other payment processors to make accepting payments faster, easier, and more secure.

When you receive tips or sell products, payments are sent promptly. Stripe and PayPal accept various payment methods, giving your followers flexibility in how they pay.

Build Your Dream Website With Jemi

Build your brand and improve your online presence with a Jemi website. With Jemi's link-in-bio tool and website builder, you can create a digital space that is all your own. Direct your audience to your new Jemi website and increase exposure for every piece of content you produce.

Try Jemi today and see how easy it is to create a powerful link-in-bio site for yourself.