Build Your Ecommerce Business With The Easiest Online Store Builder

Jemi is an advanced e-commerce solution designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting out or already running a successful business, we make it easier than ever to set up and manage your online store.

Simple No-Code Website and Store Creator

The best part? There's no coding necessary for Jemi.

Building a website can be an intimidating task. No matter how much research you do beforehand, you'll probably find yourself lost along the way. Fortunately, we've got you covered.

We're not just talking about the technical side of things - we're also covering the design side, too. With our innovative drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize almost everything about your website without needing any coding knowledge whatsoever. You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates to start building your site right away. Once you've finished designing your site, simply publish it online and start selling products.

All the tools you need to build and manage your online store.

Stripe and Paypal Integration to Accept Payments 💵

Jemi is an online shopping cart system that offers all the features you need to run your own successful eCommerce store.

When you create a Jemi e-Commerce site, you get integrated payment options including Stripe and PayPal. These payment processors are well known and widely trusted. They offer multiple payment methods and can help you process transactions securely.

All payments made through Jemi are safe, meaning your customers feel confident spending money on your products.

Sell on TikTok and Instagram 🤳

Jemi is a perfect e-commerce tool for creators and influencers.

Jemi empowers its users to create beautiful link-in-bio stores without having to worry about technical details. With Jemi, you can easily build a site that showcases your work, offers a variety of digital products, and lets people pay for them.

You can also sell merchandise that highlights your brand, and accept payments through any major credit card processor. No matter what type of business you're in, Jemi helps you grow and succeed.

Accept donations 💵

With Jemi, you can accept donations right on your site. Add a Donation button that allows your supporters to send whatever they want your direction.

Let them send a short message, then show your appreciation with a response letting them know how much you appreciate their support. Send a message back thanking them for supporting you, and you can strengthen your relationship with your supporters even if they don’t purchase your merchandise.

Jemi replaces existing donation services, giving you the ability to aggregate your monetization activities into one digital space. Streamline your income streams and connect more effectively with your fans for long term success.

Sell Digital Downloads 📁

By selling digital goods on your Jemi website, you can avoid storage costs and expensive delivery fees. Create beautiful product pages, customize price points, and accept various payment methods.

Upon purchase, your customers will be able to download the digital item and use it immediately.

Easy Email Popups and Mailchimp Integration 💌

Jemi provides Mailchimp integration that makes it easy to build your brand and push your business further.

Jemi allows you to add Mailchimp email popups to your website, prompting visitors to opt into receiving email messages. This simple feature allows you to cater to customers already aware of your brand. It encourages them to stay in the know, acting as an exclusive line of communication with your brand.

Allow your customers to subscribe to your newsletter and watch your business grow.

Instantly Published 🙌

Jemi makes it easy to get a new site up and running. You can make changes on the fly, update your product listings to reflect your stock, and throw limited-time flash sales. Everything happens with a click, and you can get a new website up and running within minutes!

Responsive Web Design 📱

Jemi designs websites that look great on any device, whether your customers are browsing on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Jemi also makes navigation easy for your customers.

Jemi uses a navigation system that works seamlessly across devices. The condensed navigation utilizes a series of branching menus to help separate product pages, allowing customers to browse your online store easily and efficiently. With categories, meta tags, and other organizational techniques, you can differentiate your goods while Jemi fine-tunes the menu system to make browsing your online store a cinch on any device.

Sell Subscriptions 💰

Subscriptions are an ideal way to deliver products to customers who use those products repeatedly. The subscription automates the payment process on the consumer side of things, so you don't have to worry about collecting payments.

You can use Jemi subscription features to create a variety of products and packages. Subscription products are becoming more common each year, and you can make your supporters and customers feel special by offering them one.

Create a Custom Membership Site 💳

Memberships are a great way to generate revenue. You can provide exclusive content like personal or group video calls and private community forums by charging your audience for access to these items..

Create a steady income stream and foster stronger relationships with your fans by locking exclusive content behind password-protected paywalls, and taking control of the types of content you create. Jemi's membership feature provides you with all the tools to make it happen.

Custom Domain Name ✨

Branding is everything on the internet. Whether you're a social media influencer or a retail company trying to stand out, strong branding may make all the difference.

You can purchase a unique domain name through Jemi that complements your brand.

Your domain name will be used by your customers to access your site. Your domain name is part of your website address and will appear on marketing materials, shareable links, and other promotional items. While it may be tempting to use a generic domain name, doing so won't take your brand to the next level.

A custom domain can help you achieve a professional appearance and build trust with visitors. With a Jemi paid plan, you can get a domain name that's perfect for your brand.

SEO friendly ⚡️

The Jemi website builder is SEO-friendly, working well with search engines. Jemi supports your SEO efforts behind the scenes. To take things even further, use SEO meta tags.

Meta tags provide search engines with useful information about your website and can be used to enhance your site's appearance in search results. Jemi uses meta tags to improve search engine exploration, making your site more visible to those looking for what you have to offer.

Get Started Today with Jemi

Jemi's e-commerce solutions give you the tools and functionality to create a successful online retail store. We help market your business, highlight your products, and explore new avenues of revenue generation.

With Jemi, your business can be anything you want it to be—Jemi offers a variety of ways to make money, including traditional product sales, digital downloads, and recurring memberships.

With our easy-to-use drag and drop tool, you'll be launching your new Jemi website in minutes.