Get More Sales With Our Cold Email Copy

Pick a plan, tell us the benefits and pains your product or service solves, and get a cold email copy that gets responses from your cold leads
Full money-back guarantee

Why Do You Need This Done For You?

Having your cold outreach copy written for you can have a lot of benefits that come with it:

Increased Open Rates

There is no secret to this part. If your emails are landing in the primary inbox, then all that's needed to accomplish this is to work on your subject lines and first lines.

Great Response Rate

If you would like to see more replies, clicks, and bookings for your outreach, then all that's needed is to make it so is to work with our services. Our copy is concise, provides value, and doesn't overstep.

Increased Conversions

This part might be up to you, but our copy takes you a long way there. We set you up as a valuable resource from the get-go, using consultative selling techniques to worm you into the heart of your lead.

Save yourself time and stress

Allow us to reduce the time it takes to get creative in how you would approach a lead segment or your target audience. You can dedicate that time to serving your leads better.

Integrate with all the snippets available to your software.

To give you the minimum personalization, we integrate the first name, company name, time of day, and so on in other to create a copy that looks really personalized to your leads.

Get your copy within 24 hours

That's another thing. You don't have to wait too long to get your copy and start your campaign. Within 24 hours of purchasing, you'll be getting access to the first draft of your copy.
Shawn Morrow
Founder, Leadhook Media
"Possible is a really talented guy who understands the psychology behind how to get leads to respond. Really looking forward to continuing our work."
Nick Metzger
Founder, Venturesome Media
"Jerry is very fast and delivers good work. I can definitely recommend you to work with him for any marketing copywriting project."

Make More Sales

Start getting more replies and conversions from your leads with a high-engaging cold copy sequence.
Here's what's included:

  • 6 email scripts
  • 6 subject lines
  • 6 revisions
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Got any questions?

Do you have samples?

Yes. You can view the samples of copies that we've used to get excellent results for previous clients by clicking here.

Where do I find my copy?

Once you've signed up to a plan, we'll add you to a google doc that will contain all the scripts as we create them, and let you suggest revisions.

What are the past results of your campaigns?

The copy I provide to my clients gets from 60 - 85% open rate and a 15 - 25% reply rate. I ensure that the message that is communicated to leads puts you in good light.

What would you require from me?

You will fill me in on information about the campaign goals, target market, their pains, and your solution.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes. A full money-back guarantee if after the revisions we've offered that you're not satisfied with the copy.

Can I buy multiple packages?

You can buy as many packages as you want.

Do you offer discounts?

If you are buying up to 10 packages, you can get a 20% discount.

What do I need to do?

Just pick the plan offered, pack the amount of packages you want, submit payment, and you'll get an email from us with questionnaire to start working on your project.
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Possible Jerry

Always looking for ways to deliver good value to the B2B market, I have settled in ensuring that the conversations they have with cold leads start off on the right foot.