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Nina Sung

songwriter. music producer. ex-tesla. tiktoker.
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Book some private time with me

This is your time to talk to me about anything for 30 mins.

It could be Career coaching, about what it’s like working for (and how to get a job at) Tesla, Bitcoin/Crypto, Sales and Negotiation Tactics. We can run through your resume and hone in on your interview skills.

We can figure out your unique branding and your personal story.
Or it could be about music, branding, songwriting, recording. Pitch me your best song, and I'll give you production and songwriting feedback. Ask me what it was like to work with some of the biggest artists today.

My goal here is to close the gap on who you really are and what you truly want. You were meant to contribute something great to the world, let's figure that out together.
Limited: 2 remaining

Book a music session with me

Request a 60 min music sesh with me! I can check out your work, give you feedback, and possibly help you write/sing for a record!
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