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Fostering Leadership through Global Debates.

The Global Debates is an international debate education initiative to equip young people with the knowledge, values, attitudes, and competencies they need to shape a better world for all.
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Your experiences have the power to help you lead the change and transform our world!

About Us

The Global Debates was founded in 2016 to provide young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop debating, speaking, listening, and literacy skills through debate training and competitions that will ultimately improve self-esteem, collaboration, teamwork, academic achievement, and graduation success rates, and access to higher education. Global Debates aims to foster a sound and sustainable culture of debate and dialogue.

The Power of Debate Education

We believe debate education is a cornerstone for strong democracies, human rights, and achieving international development goals.

Emphasis on UN SDGs

The Global Debates serves as a professional platform fostering awareness and informed discourse surrounding the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Enabling Global Citizens

Through our programs, we enable individuals to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and engaged global citizens - leaders of today and tomorrow.

The Global Debates Difference

Our unique approach sets us apart. Our acclaimed Four-Team Format ignites critical thinking, while our diverse learning groups (ages 8-17, 18-27) foster powerful natural, social and peer-to-peer learning. Get ready for a fun, unforgettable experience that builds confidence, independence, and responsibility in every debater.

Our Pedagogical Approach

The Global Citizenship Foundation provides strategic support to individuals, institutions, and organizations to help achieve our mandate in line with Education 2030, as envisioned by the United Nations. We provide strategic support through:
Policy Research and Analysis
Consultation and Support
Development of Pedagogy and Practice
Advocacy and Engagement
Youth Empowerment

Our Key Areas

The Global Citizenship Foundation is committed to achieving its mandate and manifesto by developing global programs and initiatives in 70+ countries to build capacity of education leaders, educators, and youth in the six key areas of focus.

Global Citizenship Education

We are one of the pioneering specialist organizations constituted with a mandate to advance Global Citizenship Education. Our work impacts educators and learners across the world.

Education for Sustainable Development

We empower educators to advance sustainable development goals within the school communities and beyond.

Social-Emotional Learning

We design and co-create programs for educators and learners to advance social and emotional skills for human flourishing.

Education for Anti-Racism and Inter-cultural Understanding

We foster programs for educators and learners that are designed to celebrate diversity and practice inclusion within and beyond the classrooms.

Reimagine Education for Human Flourishing

The maxim "Think Global, Act Local" perhaps best suits the last century. This century demands that we develop two-systems thinking. That is to "Think and Act Both Local and Global."

β€” Aaryan Salman,Β 
President, Global Citizenship Foundation

Get Involved πŸ‘‹

Since early 2016, we have been supporting school leaders, educators, and young people in a variety of ways. We measure our success through qualitative scale and effectiveness. We believe global citizenship education is essential for preparing young people for our shared democratic life. The Global Citizenship Foundation calls on all stakeholders to support high-quality global citizenship education in schools, colleges, universities, and higher education institutions. With your active support, we can help educators, school leaders, and young people transform education for human flourishing!

Just imagine what we can achieve together!

Meet the Youth Envoy for Global Citizenship

Stand a chance to share your ideas with our Youth Envoy for Global Citizenship. The best ideas will be featured in the coffee table book to be released in February 2121.

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Global Citizenship Foundation

TheΒ Global Citizenship FoundationΒ is a registered not-for-profit specialist organization that fosters active global citizenship and Global Citizenship Education (GCED). The seat of the Global Citizenship Foundation is the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
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