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Samvit Jain

Machine learning scientist, engineer, career coach, and writer.
I am an applied scientist at Amazon AWS AI where I co-developed and helped launch a new AWS service: Amazon Lookout for Vision (2020).

Before that, I studied computer science at Berkeley (MS) and Princeton (BSE), and spent time at Microsoft Research and Databricks.

I do career coaching in the following areas:
(1) Grad school admissions - I was accepted to CS PhD programs at Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, CMU. I have applied to grad school a few separate times (for MS, PhD), so I know the ins and outs of this!
(2) Tech recruiting - I have recruited for both SWE and MLE roles at larger companies and startups, and received several offers. Happy to discuss further.

I blog at:

CS Grad School (MS/PhD) App Support

Applying to graduate school in CS? Let's hop on a 30-min Zoom call in which I'll help you position your application; refine your personal statement and CV; prep for faculty interviews; and/or broadly help you stand out in the crowded arena that is CS graduate admissions!

Resume Review

Perfecting your resume? Let's hop on Zoom for a 30-min live resume review. I'll give you specific, actionable feedback to help you optimize your resume and land that first-round interview for your dream role.

Career Coaching Session

Want to accelerate your career but not sure where to start? Let's hop on Zoom for a 30-min call. We can discuss recruiting for roles in tech (software, product, data science; full-time or internship), applying to graduate school, or anything else you want to chat about.
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