Rachel VanderVen Portfolio
Rachel VanderVen Portfolio

Hi, I'm Rachel

Based in upstate NY. 
Interested in sustainable UX design.

Currently studying Environment & Sustainability sciences at Cornell University.

Design Portfolio

for Cornell Design Course DEA 1101
Focusing on how design can offer an alternative, and often more human centered perspective towards solving the problems around us.
Sketch and low-fidelity prototype for tattoos aimed at improving wellbeing.
Sketch and low-fidelity prototypes for robots aimed at improving everyday environments.
Sketch and low-fidelity prototypes for enhancing objects to visualize environmental factors.

Cornell Sustainability Consultant (CSC) Instagram

As a member of the branding & engagement team for CSC, I was able to redesign and create content for our social media platforms.
CSC bio
Introduction for one of the five project teams
Another graphic for CSC

Idea for logo design

A sketch I drew up to experiment with the process of logo creation.

A peak into the brainstorm process for the sketch above.

Experimentation with Tessellation

Pictures tracking my process for this project, beginning with a sketch filled in with water-based ink.
Refined version of the sketch using Adobe Photoshop on an iPad.
Square tessellation of the original design using Adobe Illustrator on a laptop.
In the final stages of transferring the design onto a white art-board using tracing paper and water-based ink.


Email: rjv78@cornell.edu
Phone: (585) 770-8562