Thank you so much for checking out my website! Being creative and bringing my ideas to life is my favorite thing to do, whether that be in the real or digital world, I'm always looking for opportunities to learn new skills or find different ways of approaching a project.

Check out what I'm currently involved in below!

Currently Involved In

Jemi Marketing Intern (YC20)

Jemi (YC20) is a modern day website builder for creators & entrepreneurs (this website is made with Jemi!). As a marketing intern at Jemi, I have had the opportunity to learn so much from the amazing team behind Jemi and have been able to leverage my own skills to help with Jemiโ€™s growth.


GripTape is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which grants youth $500 to support them in learning a topic they are passionate about. On the GripTaped Podcast (@griptapedpodcast), GripTape alumni discuss their Learning Challenge and major takeaways they had on their 10-week self guided learning journey. Involved in both management/supervision of the GripTaped Podcast and GripTapeOrg accounts.

Personal Projects

My love for being creative and always wanting to learn new skills has brought me to pick up a number of different hobbies throughout the years. From woodworking to paper illustration, Iโ€™ve enjoyed being hands on with my learning and am always looking for new hobbies to try out! Check out some of my projects by clicking below!

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