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About GreyhawkOnline and the Oerth Journal (dedicated to the World of Greyhawk setting), offers webspace to Greyhawk fans, publishes a great variety of articles relating to the World of Greyhawk, publishes the Oerth Journal, and maintains the largest and most continually updated wiki about the Greyhawk (The Great Library of Greyhawk).
The Oerth Journal first came out in 1995 and has always been, and always will be, a free digital magazine and every issue is available for download.  It has articles about the gods, nations, and people of the Flanaess and beyond, as well as new spells, new monsters, NPCs, and even adventures!

But, in February of 2019, an OJ was made as a handout for a seminar at GaryCon XI—Celebrating Greyhawk: A Fandom Renaissance, and a limited edition of 100 issues was printed and given free to attendees.
The fan reception was overwhelming.  Many people asked how to get a copy, and wanted to know if it was going to be printed again. Collectors wanted to have it as a "rare" item. The OJ would continue to be in print afterward, and the seminar would go on to become annual.

Thus, in order to support Greyhawk Online, the Great Library of Greyhawk wiki, and the Oerth Journal free PDF, GHO has decided to accept donations from patrons, and offer free print editions of the Oerth Journal to patrons who are interested in collecting such niche items.