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About Cyril

Cyril [SIRR - uhl] is a plant enthusiast, cat daddy and an all-around creative with a passion for home décorand styling. Based in Silicon Valley in California he combines artistic aesthetics with a passion for plant care, infused with his imaginative take on creating a boho-tanical oasis in their modern condo.

Originally from the Philippines, Cyril started his plant journey in March 2018 when he moved to Monterey, California. He loves a variety of plants ranging from Aroids like Philodendrons, Anthuriums, Alocasias, Monsteras and Aglaonemas. He is also into Cacti and succulents and other caudex plants. And he has a soft spot for epiphytes like Hoyas, Rhipsalis and Huperzias/Lycopodiums.