Case Studies
How Alexandra Ling (twirlingpages) Utilizes Jemi as a YouTuber and Online Creator

About Alexandra

Alexandra Ling is the founder of Twirlingpages, a blog that talks about all things books and lifestyle. Since then, Alexandra has developed a YouTube channel, ventured into the book Instagram community, onboarded co-bloggers, created a podcast, formed a book club, and conducted interviews with other creators, turning the brand into an online magazine with many different forms of media.

Searching for the perfect landing page builder

As a content creator, Alexandra was searching for the right tool to build a landing page that matched her branding. Before Jemi, Alexandra used Carrd to manage her landing page, but it was too difficult to use & she had to rely on Youtube tutorials to get the look that she wanted.

"I spent a looooong time trying to design and create a landing page for all of my social media links and other things. or actually, i spent a long time trying to find the perfect platform for what i wanted. can it be both cute and functional?"

Then came Jemi!
Introducing Jemi: A simple, intuitive website builder

As a content creator, Alexandra wanted to build a simple, yet aesthetic landing page quickly. She didn't want to spend days, weeks on her website, because that precious time could be used for creating content.

So what immediately appealed to Alexandra was Jemi's ease of use and customization features.

"Jemi has a ton of easy-to-use features so i built the site of my dreams in no time."

Alexandra also wanted her site to mimic Instagram, which is a template that's harder to find with some of the more traditional website builders.

"I wanted this to represent a newspaper style, or a typical social media newsfeed. it has all my latest videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes. their embed features are really beautiful, so i was happy to use and showcase them in this page."

With Jemi's intuitive site builder & blocks, Alexandra was able to create the exact landing page layout that she had been hoping for - all at a fraction of the time & cost.

Want a simple tool to build a gorgeous landing page?

Try Jemi.

For anyone that wants an easy website builder with a ton of customization features, Jemi is the right builder for you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your Jemi site the way you want and Jemi is great for anyone who wants a place to showcase themselves and their work.

If you like the way Alexandra’s Jemi site looks, you can get her template to use for your own site right here.
Or you can sign up and browse through other templates here.