How Alexandra Ling (twirlingpages) Utilizes Jemi as a YouTuber and Online Creator
By: Sarika Karra

About Twirlingpages

In today’s spotlight, we’re featuring our latest Jemi partner — digital creator and YouTuber, Alexandra Ling! Alexandra currently runs a literary and lifestyle brand called twirlingpages, on YouTube and as a blog.Keep reading to learn more about how Alexandra created her Jemi page to reflect the twirlingpages brand, keep her followers up-to-date on the latest content, and connect with readers and viewers. Also, be sure to check out her new YouTube video covering the details on how she built her website!
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Twirlingpages was founded by Alexandra in 2014 as a blog to talk about all things books and lifestyle. Since then, Alexandra has developed a YouTube channel, ventured into the book Instagram community, onboarded co-bloggers, created a podcast, formed a book club, and conducted interviews with other creators, turning the brand into an online magazine with many different forms of media.

Searching for the perfect landing page builder

What compelled Alexandra to use Jemi were for a few different reasons. She primarily wanted a functional landing page for all of her social media and any other links she may have. She also considered Jemi for its versatilityease of use, and how customizable the platform is.
As a content creator, Alexandra wanted to build a simple, yet aesthetic landing page quickly. She didn't want to spend days, weeks on her website, because that precious time could be used for creating content.
So what immediately appealed to Alexandra was Jemi's ease of use and customization features.
"Jemi has a ton of easy-to-use features so i built the site of my dreams in no time."
With Jemi's intuitive site builder & blocks, Alexandra was able to create the exact landing page layout that she had been hoping for - all at a fraction of the time & cost.
On Alexandra’s Jemi site, she created four separate pages for different purposes and incorporated a different theme for each one. Alexandra chose to incorporate a looping GIF of some pastel clouds as the main background for her webpage overall and this feature is highly customizable.
notion image
For the homepage, Alexandra opted to use a bio block to introduce herself and highlight all of her social media accounts. Additionally, she wanted her homepage to look like an Instagram grid and highlight more of her content. She uploaded each image individually and linked them to various pieces of content — her Instagram account, AAPI resources, YouTube, blog, podcast, and book club.In this way, you have the option of linking text or images to outside content when creating your Jemi site!
Alexandra then wanted her “about” tab to resemble iMessage on an iPhone. She created this Q&A-style introduction with Figma and uploaded them as PNG images in separate blocks.
For the “updates” page, Alexandra wanted the page to look like a news feed of what she’s most recently been up to. She added spacers to align her text the way she wanted and embedded a lot of content into this page, namely her latest YouTube video, blog post, and podcast. Jemi offers the ability to embed most types of content directly into your page.
And finally, the “notifications” page, which resembles an iPhone’s notification center, is where she links her social media and other sites. She included her links in the homepage already but wanted a more visually appealing place for people to go and follow her socials.
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Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Alexandra and this tour of her Jemi page for twirlingpages! The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your Jemi site the way you want and Jemi is great for anyone who wants a place to showcase themselves and their work.
If you like the way Alexandra’s Jemi site looks, you can get her template to use for your own site right here.
As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing!