3 Reasons why Every Student Should Learn to Build a Website

3 Reasons why Every Student Should Learn to Build a Website
Ever wondered how your favorite website is built? Want to try creating your own website?
As students who are living in the peak of the digital era, it is crucial to learn how to build a website. Not only are you picking up a highly sought-out skill that you can add to your resume to impress employers, but you are exposing yourself to opportunities to make some money.
With no-code, website builders being prevalent today, students are able to easily build websites without the need to spend hours learning technical skills.
Read this blog to find out why every student should learn how to build a website.

1. An amazing opportunity to make money

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A website? Making money? Yes, building a website can help you generate some extra cash, even if you are just a student! Here are some ways you can build a website and make money.
Blogging and sharing your knowledge: Are you passionate about a certain topic? Do you have a deep understanding of a certain niche? If so, blogging is an avenue that you should consider exploring.
There are 3 major ways bloggers can make money from their blog. First, is through affiliate marketing. By linking to a retailer’s product or service on your blog, you will be able to make a percentage of the sales from readers who end up making a purchase using that link. There are many affiliate programs which you can choose from, but we highly recommend using Amazon Associates to get started. Given the reputability of Amazon and the wide range of products it offers, you can do no wrong by signing up to their affiliate program.
The next way bloggers can make money is through ads. When you first get started with ads, we recommend using Google Adsense. Not only does Adsense have the largest network of advertisers, but you are able to customize and choose the ads that are displayed on your page. For instance, if your blog is on travel, you can orient the ads to be travel related.
Whether it be people paying you to write content related to their business or getting free products to write a review on, sponsorships are a great way for you to earn money through blogging. However, it is important to note that this method is more successful for established bloggers that already have a consistent audience.
The best and easiest way to build a blog is using a free website builder called Jemi. Jemi’s easy to use drag and drop interface and custom templates will leave you with all the tools to create a beautiful blog site. Sign up here for free today and get started building your site.
Product or service offerings: Perhaps you are interested in starting a business selling your own products and services. To supercharge your newly built side-hustle, a website is an absolute necessity to building your credibility. Having a well-designed website that clearly communicates your offerings will help make a good first impression of your business.
Creating a website also allows you to fully leverage digital marketing. Optimizing your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can generate organic traffic. This means that people who are searching for a certain product or service on Google have a chance of clicking on to your website.

2. Stand out in your applications to jobs and clubs

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Chances are as a student, you have probably made a traditional resume when applying to a club or a job. While a resume is essential, the problem is that your competition probably boasts a resume that looks almost identical. So how do you stand out from others? By creating a personal website that utilizes multiple forms of media to display your experiences, you are strengthening your own personal brand and differentiating from the competition.
Now that you are set on building a personal website, what should you be including in this digitized resume?
The Landing Page: This is the page that all users will see first upon clicking into your website. The landing page should contain a high definition, professional image of yourself, your name and a brief writeup about your education, age and interests. In essence, this serves as an introduction to you.
The Portfolio Page: This page is what separates a digitized resume from a traditional one, you are able to go more in depth about your experiences. Do not be afraid to share photos and videos of your past projects, this is what makes you unique!
Contact and Social Media Page: Provide methods for people to connect or contact you. Be mindful of what is on your social media before putting it up on your website.

3. Improve crucial transferable skills such as communication

As students, polishing communication skills is integral to not only reaching academic success but also making the most out of your extracurricular activities.
So how does building a website allow you to further improve your communication skills?
The website itself is a communication tool to your audience and learning how to effectively do so using the elements of design is a great way to hone your skills.
The overall style of the website serves as the first line of communication with your potential audience. Some design trends are prevalent in particular industries, while others might not be suitable for a particular kind of website. In these situations, the style might tell visitors something about your website and how well it suits their demands. For instance, a website selling skateboards would probably have a grunge/underground design. Most target market visitors would find this style appealing, and by seeing this kind of design, those visitors are likely to feel at ease on the website and form an association with it. In this instance, the website's design aids in conveying to visitors that they belong here and that it was made just for them.
Elements such as text and images are just as important to communicating the value of your website. Placement, size, color and other key factors help to generate positive user experience

Final Thoughts:

Building a website may seem difficult at first, but a free website builder like Jemi can make the process extremely simple. Jemi’s drag and drop interface, wide variety of templates and custom integrations allow you to create a user-friendly website for whatever purpose. Sign up here for free today and get started building your dream site.