Why The Monarch Milkweed Project Used Jemi To Build Their Website

Why The Monarch Milkweed Project Used Jemi To Build Their Website
Emily Eyth is a registered nurse and new entrepreneur who has found a passion for graphic design. She is the founder of Uncommon Emily and recently partnered with the Monarch Milkweed Project, Inc to assist them with graphic & website design. Prior to discovering Jemi, Emily had tried using other website creation platforms such as Google and WordPress, but found them to be difficult and time-consuming to use. As someone who wanted to focus on building her brand and helping customers, she needed a more user-friendly platform to help her quickly set up her website.

About The Monarch Milkweed Project, Inc. & Uncommon Emily

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The Monarch Milkweed Project, Inc. (MMP) is a non-profit organization in Solano County, CA that works to educate, propagate, and advocate on behalf of the Western Monarch Butterfly and other pollinators. It started out as a few friends with a passion for saving monarch butterflies and other pollinators in California and the United States.
While the non-profit was getting some reach, they wanted to expand into different areas and advocate on a larger scale. That’s when The Monarch Milkweed Project, Inc. met Emily Eyth (founder of Uncommon Emily).
Emily helped the Monarch Milkweed Project, Inc. create a brand identity, a new logo, and products to sell to help support their efforts in saving pollinators. Soon, their presence in the community grew exponentially. After the new logo & products were designed, Emily was in search of a simple yet powerful website builder to create a website where members or other monarch lovers can purchase logoed products and donate to the cause.

Searching for a user-friendly website builder

Emily wanted to find a website builder that was easy to use and would allow her to quickly set up her website without spending too much time on the technical aspects of website creation.
Unfortunately, the first few platforms she tried were not as easy as she had hoped.
“I tried using Google, Wordpress, and other sites, but they were extremely difficult and I did not want to spend a lot of time creating my website, I wanted to spend more time creating my brand and helping my customers.”
Additionally, Emily needed a platform that would allow her to easily integrate various aspects of social media into her website.

Introducing Jemi

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After trying other website building platforms, Emily eventually found Jemi, and was immediately pleased by the ease of use and quality of customer support.
“Jemi was extremely easy to use and I was able to set up my site in just a few hours. It would probably be much less time for someone more well-versed in website creation.”
Emily also points out that although the ease of use is what initially drew her to Jemi, the customer support is what made the experience that much more compelling.
“After I got started, I had a few questions about integrating various aspects of social media into Jemi. I contacted the team and was given help immediately. Not only did they solve my problem, but they also built an entire feature for it in less than a day that Jemi did not initially have prior. The customer service is really top-notch. Jemi is constantly making updates and sharing new features! I get excited because it allows me to try different designs or add additional components that I had previously not thought about, or that would make my life easier.”
With Jemi, Emily was able to create a user-friendly website for anyone to donate and/or purchase merchandise to support The MMP's mission of “educating, propagating, and advocating on behalf of the Western Monarch Butterfly and other Pollinators.”
If you’d like to check out Uncommon Emily's MMP website and donate to their cause, you can do so by visiting their website here.

Closing thoughts

Jemi has proven to be a valuable asset for Emily's business, providing her with an easy-to-use platform to showcase her designs and brand. Jemi’s customer support has also given her confidence that her needs will always be met in a timely and efficient manner.
“Really, Jemi can be for everyone. Probably the only person I wouldn't recommend it to is a very advanced computer programmer. It's so easy to use and the customer support I've received cannot be matched. Using Jemi is a true no-brainer.”
Jemi's constant updates and new features also provide Emily with the flexibility to evolve and expand her website in the future. Overall, Jemi has exceeded Emily's expectations and she looks forward to continuing to use the platform to grow her business.
If you’d like to create your own unique Jemi website for your business or personal use, you can sign up for free here.