Why Hattie Wynter Uses Jemi For Her Personal Portfolio Website

About Hattie Wynter

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Hattie Wynter is a marketing expert with over 6 years of experience across industries such as music, tech, and sports. What sets Hattie apart is her unique perspective as both a client and as a freelancer. She’s always able to understand the goals of a project from the shoes of the client and can anticipate their needs to deliver exceptional results. Throughout her career, Hattie has helped many clients achieve their goals through successful campaigns and consultations.
As a marketing expert, Hattie understands the importance of having a professional website to showcase her work and attract new clients. However, finding the right website builder can be challenging, especially when you have limited time and resources. Thankfully, she was able to find Jemi via Tiktok and has created a beautiful personal portfolio website. Check out her site here and read more on why she uses Jemi and recommends it to other professionals and freelancers.

Searching for the perfect portfolio website builder

Before Hattie discovered Jemi, she tried several website builders in the past, including Squarespace and Wix. While these platforms had some positive features, she found that they had limitations that didn't meet her needs. Specifically, she felt that everything took a while to finish and feel complete, and she didn't have the time to get her head around some of the more complex features.
I’ve tried a few different platforms in the past (such as Squarespace and Wix). Whilst they’ve been good, I found that everything took a while to finish and feel ‘complete’ and I didn’t have the time to get my head around some of the features.
Hattie is a creative person who values the look and feel of a website, but she also wanted easy-to-use integrations and a site that could be launched quickly. As a busy professional with a full-time job, Hattie needed a website builder that would allow her to quickly create a professional-looking site and showcase her work in the best possible light.

Introducing Jemi

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That's why Hattie was so impressed with Jemi. With its stylish and modern templates, intuitive interface, and no-code design, Jemi allowed her to create a website that met all of her needs in a fraction of the time it would have taken with other platforms.
I’m a creative person, and I really value the look and feel of a website, but I also wanted easy-to-use integrations and a site that got off the ground quickly. Jemi was the perfect tool for this and a combination of all my needs.
Thanks to Jemi, Hattie was able to quickly make a website that looked great and reflected her work and personality. She appreciated the built-in stylistic features that made it easy to create something useful very fast.
I love the fact that Jemi is no code! The built-in stylistic features are fantastic and make it so easy to create something useful very fast. I also like the integrations and am thinking my next step will be to sell products and book consultation hours.
One of Hattie's favorite features of Jemi is the integrations. She is planning to sell products and book consultation hours in the future, and Jemi provides her with the tools she needs to do so. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing her to focus on her creative work and not on coding.

Closing thoughts

Hattie recommends Jemi to other small businesses and first-time freelancers who are looking for an affordable and powerful website builder. She believes that Jemi is the perfect tool to quickly present your work and share your portfolio. With Jemi, you can get your website off the ground quickly and focus on what you do best - your creative work.
I would recommend Jemi to other small businesses or first-time freelancers, 100%. Jemi has been an amazing tool in my arsenal to quickly present my work and share my portfolio. I’m a huge fan of the interface, the ease of use, and the price is extremely reasonable for how powerful and varied it is.
In summary, Jemi is the best website builder for freelancers and professionals who value style, ease of use, and affordability. With Jemi, you can create a professional website in no time and attract new clients to grow your business.
If you’d like to create your own unique Jemi website for your business or personal use, you can sign up for free here.