Why the founders of Absurditees use Jemi to run their e-commerce business

Why the founders of Absurditees use Jemi to run their e-commerce business

About Absurditees

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Absurditees is a family-run, fashion company doing good by being different. Cole, and Teague, and Keaton Scanlon started Absurditees Clothing as a way to raise money for a middle school in India that needed supplies. Now they are scaling to share their clothing with more customers and raise money for other charitable causes (most recently, donating 50% of all profits to a community-based organization in Mbour, Senegal).
They sell unique t-shirts (which they call Absurditees), hoodies, jackets, and hats. They prioritize environmental sustainability throughout their operations — from their unique hemp/bamboo blend using sustainable sources, to their recycled packaging, to their practice of offsetting our carbon footprint.
Check out their store here.

Searching for a user-friendly & affordable e-commerce platform

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Prior to Jemi, the founders of Absurditees were using Squarespace but felt that it wasn't very easy to use, and that it lacked the personalized support they needed to get their business site set up.
As small business owners, the founders of Absurditees were looking for a simple website builder that can serve as both a marketing website to communicate their missions & values, as well as serve as a storefront for their apparel.
"The main challenge we faced prior to Jemi was that none of the tools out there - Squarespace, Shopify - were designed for our exact use case. We really just wanted something simple and be able to launch something quickly. We actually don't need a ton of customization that Squarespace and Shopify offer, and we value ease of use the most. We also needed the site builder to be more affordable, given that 50% of our profits go to charity." said Cole Scanlon, cofounder of Absurditees.
Given that they didn't come from a technical background, the founders were also looking for a responsive customer support team.
In summary - they needed something simple & affordable with a good customer support team behind the product.
And that's exactly what they found in Jemi.

Introducing Jemi: A simple, affordable online store builder

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"Jemi just makes so much more sense for smaller e-commerce businesses like ours in every aspect - cost, ease of use, and support. The team also makes their customers feel like partners. If we succeed, Jemi succeeds".
Some of Cole's favorite features of Jemi are the Mailchimp & Printful integration that allows him to automate most of his business operations.
"The choice of integrations is also what makes Jemi so simple yet powerful, they've integrated just the essential tools for smaller business and entrepreneurs. I highly recommend Jemi to any business owner out there that feels like Squarespace or Shopify are either too complicated or too expensive.

Want a simple tool to build your e-commerce business?

Try Jemi.
For anyone that wants an easy website builder with advanced e-commerce features, Jemi is the right builder for you. You can sign up and browse through our templates here.