Top Integrations for Your Website
If you run a business, you probably have your website integrated with software that can make the process of running it easier. For example, if you sell t-shirts online and have integrated PayPal with your store, then all of your customers have to do is sign into their PayPal account on the checkout page and pay for their purchase—no credit cards or logins required. This saves them time as well as your business money in transaction fees. But what if there was more that could be done to make things even easier for both parties? In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular integrations available today and how they can benefit both consumers and businesses alike!

The Best Integrations to Enhance Your Website

Integrations are a powerful way to add features to your website. They can be used for everything from customer support to sales, and can help you boost the efficiency of your website.
There are many integrations that you can use on your website, but the best ones will depend on what you want to do with it. You should think about what features would make it easier for customers who visit your site, and then look at the integrations available for each platform. If you want to add a live chat feature, for example, there are many different options for you to choose from.
If you want to know more about integrations and which ones are the best, keep reading.
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A Brief Overview

What are Web Integrations?

Integrations are tools that make it easier to connect your website to other apps, products and services. They can help you automate tasks and save time. Integrations can also help you connect with your customers better, so they’ll feel more engaged with your brand.
You can use integrations to build your email list by allowing people to sign up for events on your website or using forms such as contact forms or surveys.
Some integrations can help you make more money with your website. For example, if you’re using Jemi, there are many apps that can help you add features to your site and increase sales. There are also integrations for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
So what are the benefits of these integrations?
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What are the Benefits?

Web integrations are a great way to increase the functionality and usefulness of your website. Depending on which services you choose to integrate with, your website can benefit in many ways.
Web integrations help you grow your business. Here are some examples of how integrations can help you and your business:
  • Create a seamless checkout experience by integrating with PayPal and other payment services
  • Integrate with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact to help you send out newsletters
  • Integrate with customer support services like Zendesk or Salesforce to give you more ways to respond to customers Integrate with other APIs
  • Create an over-the-top navigation experience by integrating with Google Maps, Yelp and OpenTable restaurant reservation services
  • Integrate with social media platforms to help you increase engagement
  • Integrate with Analytics tools like Google Analytics so you can track your website’s traffic
The benefits of web integrations are endless. Let’s dive deeper into some of the most popular and useful integrations for your website.

Google Analytics

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Integrating Google Analytics is the most basic integration to your website. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It's the most widely used website statistics service, but it's also free!
Once you have installed Google Analytics on your site, you'll be able to track current and historical data on how people interact with your site. This means you can fine-tune every marketing campaign and page in order to ensure that your efforts leave a lasting impact.


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Print-on-demand services like Printful can be very valuable for anyone that wants to easily sell their custom designs on a variety of products. It’s an excellent integration for your website, as it makes order fulfillment, packing and shipping a breeze.
With Printful you can create and sell your own products such as T-shirts, phone cases and more. By integrating Printful into your site builder like Jemi, you can also use it to display items directly from your Printful product list.


Zapier is a great tool that allows you to connect your website with other popular platforms. With hundreds of integrations with apps like MailChimp, Trello and HubSpot, it’s easy to automate workflows and save time on tedious tasks. The best part? It's free!
With Zapier, you can automate mundane tasks in your business and save time and resources. Jemi also integrates with Zapier to make your life easier.


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Stripe is a great platform to consider for integrating into your site if you have an online store. Stripe is a payment processing service for e-commerce. It allows you to accept payments from customers around the world and supports many different types of currencies. Stripe also offers tools for collecting subscription payments, processing refunds, and providing support to your customers through email or live chat.
Millions of businesses use Stripe because it has a great API that's easy to use and secure—only you have access to the information about your customers' credit cards or bank accounts. You can set up multiple websites with Stripe so that each one has its own separate account settings and billing information; this makes it easy for you (or your small team) to manage multiple sites while protecting sensitive financial data from being leaked between them by accident.


Email marketing is still one of the most powerful techniques in many businesses’ marketing strategies. If this sounds like you, Mailchimp could be a great platform to integrate with.
Mailchimp is an email marketing service that helps businesses and organizations grow their email lists. It's incredibly easy to use, has tons of features and integrations, and you can start for free (then pay when you're ready).
MailChimp is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and clients. You can send newsletters, create automated campaigns using email drip campaigns, or even create simple order confirmation emails.
MailChimp also integrates with popular websites like Jemi so you don't have to do any complicated coding on your end!


If you want to conduct surveys with your audience, SurveyMonkey is a great integration to consider. SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey platform that allows businesses of all sizes—including small startups and Fortune 500 companies—to gather data from their customers and make more informed decisions.
SurveyMonkey makes survey creation easy by providing templates for common questions, questionnaires, landing pages and more. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices so that your surveys can be taken on the go. You can even embed quizzes into other websites or blogs using the embed code tab in their editor tool!
SurveyMonkey features include:
  • A user-friendly interface (for both creating new surveys as well as analyzing results)
  • Question types such as single answer questions; multiple choice options; ranking questions (with sliding scale options); NPS (Net Promoter Score) polls; frequency analysis questions; open ended answers or freeform text box answers; ratings with up to ten stars per item rated - and much more.
SurveyMonkey is a great integration to consider if you’re planning on conducting user research surveys.


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Youtube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform, with over 1 billion active users. It allows users to upload and watch videos, as well as create content like live streams and channels. Because of this large user base, Youtube has become a great place for getting exposure to customers and potential clients.
Although you might not have time to personally upload all your videos on your website or blog, there are other ways of integrating them into your site: through an embedded player or playlist functionality. This allows visitors who come across your channel on Youtube in their search results or by clicking on any of its links will be able to watch your content right away without leaving their browser window!


HubSpot is a great marketing automation platform that provides you with the tools to create, optimize, and track your marketing campaigns. It also helps you organize contacts into lists, such as leads or customers, and it gives you access to analytics data so that you can see how well your emails are performing. HubSpot integrates with MailChimp so that once someone signs up for your newsletter through their website (using Hubspot), they'll automatically be added to your mailing list in MailChimp.
This is a great integration to consider if you’re already using Hubspot as a part of your marketing tool set.


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Salesforce is a CRM software that helps businesses track and manage customer relationships. It's cloud-based, which means that it's completely hosted by Salesforce. You don't have to worry about installing or maintaining servers or software.
Because of its popularity as a CRM, there are many third-party integrations with other technologies like Shopify and WordPress that allow you to share information between the Salesforce platform and your website. This ensures that you can create a seamless customer experience across both platforms without having to manually enter information into multiple systems on an ongoing basis.
If Salesforce is already part of your tech stack, you should definitely consider integrating it into your site.

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Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, web integrations can help you grow your business and make it easier for you to acquire new customers. They will also save you time by automating tasks that would otherwise require manual work.
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