This is Jemi: Annie Hwang

By: Sarika Karra
Welcome back to Jemi's blogs! Since our community is growing bigger, we decided to start a spotlight series sharing the stories and experiences of our amazing team members over here at Jemi who've been using the platform to bring their own creative visions to life.
Today we’re chatting with Annie HwangHarvard alumni, ex-Facebook, and amazing co-founder of Jemi, about what working on the team looks like and how she likes to use her personal site!
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What do you do at Jemi, and what does a day in your life working on the Jemi team look like?
AH: Every day is different, but I do almost everything non-engineering. So that means marketing, operations, UX research, managing our TikTok, etc.! Naturally as a founder, I wear a lot of different hats; some days I help with with content marketing (TikTok, social media, etc.), other days I focus on the outreach and partnerships side. A lot of my time is also spent roadmapping, brainstorming, and aligning on our product/marketing strategy with our founding team.
Where can people find you on Jemi and what do you like best about your page?
AH: You can find me at or! I linked my custom domain, which is possible once you upgrade to the Pro plan. I love how my Jemi site features all different sides of me - from my personal, to my professional, and lastly to my digital. It has almost all the information you need to know about me.
What do you primarily use Jemi for and how does it help you in your life?
AH: I use Jemi for pretty much everything. As my personal site, portfolio, and link-in-bio! It's pretty much my "home on the internet" and has links, content, and everything I would want a stranger to know about me. If anyone has a question about me, where I worked, or what my socials are, I can just send them my Jemi site, which answers almost 90% of the questions I get from others!
Favorite customization tool on Jemi that you now can’t go without?
AH: Card blocks - I love how card blocks allow me to create custom links with images and texts! Here's my website where I use the card blocks. It's so easy to make a link that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing!
Best personal branding / website building advice for people in your niche?
AH: Whether you're a founder, student, or any other type of professional, it's important to build your personal brand online as we live in a super digital age. The easiest way to build out a personal brand is by having a website where you're able to highlight your past experiences. If you're looking to build your personal brand online, make sure to check out Jemi :)
We hope you enjoyed this team member spotlight on Annie and the advice she has for using Jemi as your own personal portfolio. If you’re interested in more examples of how creators are using Jemi, feel free to check out other creator spotlights on our blog and stay tuned for more team member spotlights! In the meantime, you can find Annie at
As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see) by emailing!