How to Design E-Commerce Website in 2022
Websites are the primary component for your ecommerce business. They provide customers access to your products and/or services, and therefore, are the driving factor for your business' revenues and sales. However, if your website is poorly designed and does not offer a user-friendly interface, it can have negative effects on your business. It can lead to customer dissatisfaction, confusion, and with this, less website traffic.
No matter if you’re a small business looking to create your first website or a thriving business with a successful e-commerce store, it is essential to create the best website possible. So how do you make sure your website is well designed and is not a victim to these negative side effects?

How does a well designed website help your business?

A user-friendly website acts as a landing page for your business where people can find information about your business and buy your products and/or services through an online store. A key focus for businesses should be constantly trying to optimize their websites to provide the greatest ease of use for customers including updating web content, design, navigation, and user experience (UX). By creating and maintaining a well designed and up to date website, you are on the right path for building a strong customer base and setting up your e-commerce business for success.

How can a poorly designed website harm your business?

A user’s experience when navigating through your website is the basis for how they form their impression on your business. A poorly designed website will damage your credibility and online reputation and will create a disconnect between you and your audience.
Ultimately, your website is a representation of your business and offerings. If your website makes it difficult for users to navigate, is too slow, too complicated, or simply does not provide value, it will negatively affect your sales numbers for your business. You will find it difficult to build that long lasting loyal customer base.

How to ensure your website is helping your business?

Now that you understand the extreme importance placed on a well designed website, what steps can you take to ensure your website is great and  positively impacting your business?
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1. Well Designed and Functional

As explained prior, your sites a representation of your business, your products/ services and ultimately your brand. A visually appealing, polished, and professional website will draw in visitors. Additionally, a functional website including fast and practical navigation options, is key as first impressions are essential for visitors and this can lead to increased customer retention and may translate to increased sales.

2. User-Friendly and Accessible

User experience (UX) on your website plays a key role in incentivizing users to visit and stay on your website. When creating your website's UX, ensure you have clear and logical navigation with consistent layouts to attract people.
There are two categories of people who visit a website, 'searches' - coming for something specific, 'browsers' - people looking around. To satisfy both of these individuals, ensure your website has a search function, suggests related content, and minimizes dead ends. To maximize accessibility, also ensure it is optimized for all devices including mobile.

3. Fresh and Updated Content

To captivate people to your website, make sure your content is clear, interesting, and new! With a short attention span, visitors will appreciate relevant information to your business that is updated regularly.


By following these steps outlined in this guide, you are on the right path to setting up your business for success.
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