3 Project Ideas Students Should Try During the Summer (2022)

3 Project Ideas Students Should Try During the Summer (2022)
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Phew! Summer is finally here! With school out the way, the amount of free time has significantly increased. However, people often struggle finding activities to spend their large amounts of free time on. If you can relate to this, this article is perfect for you.
Whether you are inside during a hot summer day or trying to enjoy the outdoors, this blogpost will cover 3 project ideas students should try for a productive summer.

1. Build a Website

For the hot summer days where you are looking to stay inside, building your own website can be a fun way to spend time. Building a website might seem difficult at first, but a website builder can make the process much easier.
When choosing a website builder to start your website building journey, we highly recommend using Jemi. Jemi is a free, no-code website builder that boasts an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.
Now that you have a website builder, it is time to determine the theme of the website. Here are some ideas to try out!
Creating a website resume/portfolio
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A website resume offers the creative freedom to “show off” yourself and go in-depth on personal experiences. Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a website resume using Jemi.
Creating a blog
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Blogging is a great way to write about topics you are passionate about and foster an online community. There may also be opportunities to make money. Here is a quick and informative guide to get started with blogging.
Creating a link in bio page
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On Instagram and other social media platforms, you are often limited to including one link in your bio. A link in bio page allows you to consolidate all your links in one page in a creative way. This is perfect if you are an artist or creator who wants to showcase your work and build a following.
Here is a well explained guide to building a link-in-bio page.
No matter the purpose, Jemi has many handcrafted custom templates and integrations to fit your every need. From musicians to authors, people have created stunning websites using this website builder. Sign up here and build your dream website today.

2. Setting up a Garage Sale

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Chances are, you have toys, books and other other items that you no longer need stashed somewhere around the house. With school no longer in the way, why not set up a garage sale to clear space, enjoy the weather, make some money and meet new people?
To host a successful garage sale, here are 3 steps you should be closely following.
Step 1: Choosing a date
In terms of choosing which specific time of the week, try hosting your sale on the weekends. With work not in the way, the odds of people finding your sale will be much higher. In addition, ensure that there are no major events around town as you want to face the least competition possible.
Step 2: Setup
Store and group similar items into different boxes to maintain a degree of organization. For instance, all the toys should be put into one box, books, etc. Label all items with their price.
Once you have all your items sorted out, it is time to check on permits. To check if you need a permit to sell on private property, search up your local/city government website to find out if you need one.
The final step is to set up payment methods. Besides cash, ensure that you have popular Peer to Peer (P2P) apps such as Paypal and Cashapp downloaded.
Step 3: Marketing your Garage Sale
Combining traditional and digital marketing strategies to promote your garage sale is a must. For traditional methods, use a combination of newspaper classifieds and yard sale signs to effectively reach people. For digital strategies, advertise your garage sale through sites such as Craigslist, Nextdoor and Garage Sale Finder.
We also highly recommend building a website for your garage sale to help bolster credibility. Besides basic information such as time and place, include high definition pictures and accurate descriptions of all items.
Given its ease of use, beautiful templates and pricing, Jemi is the website builder to choose when building your website.
A more comprehensive guide on setting up a garage sale can be found here.

3. Making a time capsule

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Time capsules are boxes containing items that are meant to be opened at a later date. Creating a capsule is an exciting way to connect with friends or family in both the present and future.
Your first priority when creating a time capsule should be choosing a good storage container. To keep out any dust, pollutants and water, choose a container made out of material that is not chemically reactive. For instance, materials such as aluminum or stainless steel are good choices.
Next, determine what you want to put into the time capsule. For this article, we recommend having each friend or family member include a special item in the capsule. Each individual could also attach a list of goals or aspirations they want to achieve.
To avoid damaging the container and the items within them, here is a list of precautions to consider.
  • Do not include any food items
  • To reduce risk of unwanted chemical reactions, package items into zipper bags, boxes, etc.
  • Prevent any damage done to the container by ensuring the weight of the items are evenly distributed and that the heaviest items are placed at the bottom
Finally, it is time to find a place to put your capsule in. The traditional approach is to bury your time capsule somewhere underground. While this is the most common way, there is a greater risk of damaging the contents within the box. As a result, some people have stored them indoors in places such as basements.


Summer is a great time for students like you to tackle fun projects that you might not have had the time to experience during the school year. We guarantee you that learning how to build a website, hosting a garage sale and creating a time capsule will be an absolute blast!
To supercharge your website building and garage sale initiatives, we recommended that you use Jemi, a no-code, free website builder. Sign up here and build your dream website today!
So what are you waiting for? Get started on one of these projects today.