How Simon Shi Uses Jemi as an Interactive Fan Website

How Simon Shi Uses Jemi as an Interactive Fan Website
By: Grace Chee
In this creator spotlight, we are featuring Simon Shi. Simon is a Youtuber who uses Jemi as an all in one website to promote his other social media channels, offer personalized videos to his fans, and even host giveaways! Check out how Simon uses Jemi to interact with his fans.
Meet Simon
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Simon is a famous Youtuber who creates videos about solving Rubik Cube Challenges. He has made many creative videos, such as solving a 17x17 Rubik's Cube underwater, racing with his subscribers to solve Rubik’s Cubes, and teaching his subscribers how to solve complex Rubik’s Cubes. Simon has over 138k subscribers on his Youtube channel, with his most famous video reaching 24 million views!
How Simon Uses Jemi
Since Simon has so many fans, it can be difficult to interact with all of them on just his Youtube channel. This was especially difficult during the Coronavirus pandemic, where it was hard to stay connected with fans in a personalized way. However, by joining Jemi, Simon is now able to manage fan requests in an organized way and offer them personalized experiences / merch.
One of the most successful ways Simon has used Jemi is for his 17x17 Rubik’s Cube giveaway, as Jemi helps streamline the giveaway process. Fans are able to read about the giveaway and easily submit an entry through Simon’s Jemi website! Now, Simon’s entries for the giveaway are all easily organized through Jemi’s platform, which is preferable to hosting giveaways on bigger platforms such as Youtube or Instagram.
In addition, while fans are entering the giveaway on Simon’s website, they can also explore his other social platforms! Simon has a “links” page where he is able to promote his other platforms such as Discord, Tiktok, Twitter, his blog, etc.! Simon also offers video requests on his page so that fans are able to receive a personalized video from him! Through these offerings, Simon is able to promote his personal brand, share personalized experiences with fans, and host giveaways - all on one website!
How does he do it? All Simon has to do is go to his dashboard on Jemi and add a block using Jemi’s easy drag and drop builder! From there, Simon is free to choose whether he wants to create a shop item, put more link blocks, showcase new Youtube videos, etc.! Specifically, for his giveaway, Simon used the shop item block and was able to add custom fields and make his item free. As seen by Simon’s creative use of the shop item block, Jemi gives you the flexibility to use your website however you’d like! All Simon has to do now is wait for the entries from his fans or wait for requests on his other shop items. Jemi makes it easy for creators to track all the submissions and respond directly to the fan for any follow up questions.
“Being a content creator is not all about the numbers, the likes, the followers. It’s about building a community and inspiring a generation to do great things! Connect with your fans first, and the numbers will follow.”
Simon’s Jemi Page and Success
Simon’s page has been tremendously successful in sharing personalized experiences with fans and showcasing his brand. Here are some reasons for why his page has performed well:
  1. Simon drives traffic to his page using social media
  • Simon added Jemi to his link in bio on all of his social media platforms
  • Simon added his Jemi link in the description of his Youtube video
2. Simon utilizes Jemi’s new multiple pages feature
  • Simon organizes his Jemi website into two pages: “Giveaway” and “Links Page” By creating pages within his website, Simon is able to easily organize his content so fans can easily find what they need.
3. Simon customizes his website’s design to showcase his brand
  • One of Jemi’s newest features is the ability to choose how you’d like to design the aspects of your website - you can put a background photo, change the colors, switch the fonts, anything that you believe that would help showcase your brand better.
  • Specifically, Simon chooses to make his background a photo of him and his Rubik’s Cube, and change the colors of his page to green. Customizing your profile helps make your website feel more authentic to you and your brand!
4. Simon embedded one of his most famous Youtube videos
  • When people go to your website, you want to make sure you’re showcasing your brand clearly. One of the best ways to do this is by putting recent or famous projects on your Jemi page so audiences can get a glimpse of who you are.
  • For example, for Simon, he chooses to include a video of one of his most famous Rubik’s Cube challenges on his home page. By including this video, fans can easily see what Simon is known for and easily check out one of his most famous accomplishments!
5. Simon crafts detailed descriptions for his items (such as his giveaway) so fans know the instructions and exactly what they’re purchasing
  • … and much more!
Simon’s Top Three Tips for Success on Jemi:
  1. Personalize your page, spend time working on all the details so your page will make a great 1st impression!
  1. Have multiple pages on Jemi. There are tabs where your fans can navigate to look at your personal brand. Take advantage of the Jemi website.
  1. Have fun customizing your site. Have a great time!
Closing Thoughts
We hoped you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Simon Shi! As seen by Simon, all creators have the flexibility on Jemi to offer anything they want -- the opportunities are endless! Jemi makes sure that your website has all the tools you need to grow as a creator and develop more personalized relationships with your fans. If you’re interested in more tips on creator monetization, feel free to check out other articles on our blog where we post more tips for creators!
As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing!