What Is Jemi And Who Is It for: Interview With Jemi’s Co-founder

What Is Jemi And Who Is It for: Interview With Jemi’s Co-founder
This blog post features an excerpt from an interview conducted with Jemi’s cofounder Annie Hwang. The interview was conducted in a simple question and answer format, and this excerpt will give a quick overview of what Jemi is, who it’s for, and how it will evolve in the future. Read the full interview here.


Q: What is Jemi?

AH: Jemi is a no-code website and e-commerce store builder for creators and entrepreneurs.
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Q: What’s the story behind Jemi? What sparked the idea and how has it changed?

AH: Jason (my cofounder) and I started building Jemi back in Apr 2020 once we realized that we had a shared passion for helping creative individuals grow online. From my own experience on the Facebook creator monetization team and talking to creator friends, we realized there weren’t many flexible monetization tools for creator-fan communities.
So when we first started building Jemi, our initial focus was purely on commerce. We wanted to build the best platform for creators to make money online. Since then, we’ve expanded our product to not only allow our customers to grow their income online, but also grow their brand through our drag & drop website builder. Now, Jemi’s mission is to help small businesses grow their brand & income by providing them with the most intuitive & powerful website & online store builder.

Q: What are the key features that makes Jemi stand out from the competition?

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AH: When it comes to building a website, usability and the overall UX of the platform plays a huge role in the decision making process for our customers. That’s where Jemi differentiates itself from the other website & online store builders. Many of our existing customers have tried out other competitor products, but ultimately chose Jemi because they loved how easy & fast it was to set up their online store & website.

Q: Who are Jemi’s typical customers and what are the pain points you are hoping to help solve?

AH: Jemi’s typical customers are small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators.
Building a website and online store for small business owners and creators can be intimidating, especially for those without any coding or design background. Jemi makes it possible for anyone to launch their business and store in < 1 hr. Jemi has one of the most elegant drag and drop website editors out there. Our templates are crafted by world class designers and cover all different types of use cases – from Link in Bio, Portfolio, Business landing page, to Online stores.

Q: When should people really consider an upgrade to Jemi Pro?

AH: Jemi users should consider upgrading to Jemi Pro if they’re serious about building their brand and income online. The Pro plan comes with much more powerful features like the ability to set up custom domains & SEO meta tags, ability to integrate with Google Analytics, FB Pixel, and so much more – all of which can help them build a more successful brand online.
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AH: We’re most excited by the growing number of entrepreneurs / businesses in the recent years. We also see more and more of these business owners rely on e-commerce / online transactions for their businesses. As the number of entrepreneurs continues to grow, we’re excited for Jemi to play a critical role in helping these entrepreneurs grow their businesses online.
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Q: Lastly, any exciting news or new developments that you’d like to share?

AH: Jemi will continue to launch powerful commerce features to help businesses make more money online. We’ll also be building more website customization tools to help our users create the ideal look and feel for the website.

Read the full interview here.