How Jemi helped Bobatein launch their business website

About Bobatein

Bobatein is a wholesale sugar-free protein-rich milk tea venture. Starting production and testing within Asia, Bobatein has grown to supply a healthy alternative to the traditional high sugar beverage that is beloved by all.
Bobatein’s founder, Mike Liu, wanted to create a website that would allow them to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. Check out what they were able to create with Jemi here.
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Searching for the perfect e-commerce website builder

Before switching to Jemi, Mike, the founder of Bobatein, had been using a generic website builder, Wix. However, he found that the platform lacked modern templates and was relatively hard to navigate. This made it hard for him to create an aesthetically pleasing website that would showcase his products. Mike also found it difficult to communicate with support when he encountered issues with his website.
In addition to these challenges, Mike was concerned about the affordability of other website building platforms. He wanted to find a solution that would not break the bank, but also provided the necessary features and functionality to meet his needs.
Overall, Mike found it difficult to create a professional-looking website that would effectively showcase his products with other website builders.

Introducing Jemi

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Mike found that Jemi offered a much better solution for his website building needs than Wix. One of the key advantages of Jemi was its affordability, which was a major concern for Mike. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Jemi was much more cost-effective than other website building platforms, without sacrificing on the necessary features and functionality.
Mike also appreciated Jemi's modern templates, which were easy to use and allowed him to create a professional-looking website that effectively showcased his products. Additionally, Jemi's good customer service and communication with the founders were major selling points for Mike. He was able to quickly and easily report any problems he encountered and received a prompt response from the founders.
Compared to his previous experience with Wix, Mike found that Jemi offered a more user-friendly and effective solution for his website building needs. With Jemi, he was able to create a beautiful e-commerce website for his business, without encountering the communication issues he faced with Wix.

Closing thoughts

Jemi successfully provided a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution for Bobatein's website building needs. The modern templates and excellent customer service played a huge role in helping Mike create a professional-looking website for his business.
I would recommend Jemi to any person starting off in wanting to have a website because of the affordability compared to other website building platforms as well as the good communication there is between support and the user.
If you’d like to create your own unique Jemi website for your business or personal use, you can sign up for free here.