How to Use Jemi's Free Templates to Create Your Website
By: Sarika Karra
Having your own personal page online to showcase work and cultivate a digital portfolio can be a huge asset as a creator, entrepreneur, or student. It can give people a quick introduction to who you are and what you do, and can also boost traffic to your work online. But it can also be really daunting to begin, especially if you need to build a page from scratch.At Jemi, we know how important it is to have lots of flexibility in designing your page, but also understand that it’s nice to have a guide to get started with. Which is why we’ve gathered a gallery of templates (created by Jemi users and by members of our own team) to use for your own Jemi site! Here’s how you can get started with templates on Jemi:
  1. Visit the Jemi templates webpage to see all of the templates that are available to use for your own site. You can select from a variety of templates made for different purposes — all from link-in-bio pages, portfolios, business landing pages, online stores, to personal websites.
notion image
2. Select the kind of template you want to use, type in your preferred site address, and start designing your page accordingly!
And that’s all there is to using Jemi templates and making them one of your own. Feel free to scroll through the Jemi template gallery to see everything that we currently have up and if you’re interested in finding out how to get your own Jemi creation into our template gallery, stay tuned for another blog post dropping very soon!
Check out our other blog posts for tips on polishing up your website and as always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions by emailing!