How to Purchase and Link Your Own Custom Website Domain
By: Sarika Karra
Having your own personal website with your own domain can be an amazing resource when it comes to personal branding, especially if you’re a creator, entrepreneur, student, etc. You can curate an online portfolio to show off work, compile all of the links to various online presences in one location, or actively use it to increase overall brand awareness, something that Jemi easily allows you to do.
Personal domains can also accommodate your professional life as well and can be a living resume to showcase recent professional work, highlight your LinkedIn page, and showcase overall talent.
A fully-fledged blog and website on your own domain (i.e. can help you exert maximum control over your own personal branding and online presence. Even if you don’t quite have a site to launch yet or are not the biggest fan of blogging, you can use your domain for fun or self-promotion as well! Here are some ways to obtain your own little corner of the Internet and use Jemi to build it up and create a beautiful, functional page.

Why Have a Personal Domain Name

Your domain name is your own unique identity on the Internet and is a major step to taking control of your Internet presence.
  • Professionalism: A personal domain will give you and your business a more professional look, will build your credibility amongst people, and will better enable you to connect with an audience and people in your field. It influences your ability to reach new people and the likelihood that they will return.
  • SEO: There’s no surefire way to predict how Google organizes its search results but several SEO professionals believe that relevant keywords in a URL plays a role and can act as a ranking factor on Google. When your name is the keyword and you’ve used it as the domain name, people are more likely to find you and your page on the Internet. Overall, it improves your brand's SEO potential, so choose a unique and memorable name for a domain.

How to Purchase a Domain Name

Anyone can buy a domain name and use it to build their own online presence! Here are some tips to do so:
  1. Find a credible and reliable domain registrar to buy from:
  • A domain registrar is a company that manages and registers domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an established nonprofit organization that controls the rules and regulations for domain name registration and accredits various domain registrars.
  • Consider pricing, domain expiration policies, add-on services, and domain transfer policies before choosing a registrar. It’s good to know how much you have to pay, if and when you need to renew your domain so that you own it, whether you can have domain privacy or parking, or whether you’re able to transfer domain names from one registrar to another relatively easily.
  • You can purchase a domain directly on Jemi, or you can use other great options like NameCheap and GoDaddy for purchasing domain names.
2.   Select Your Domain
  • You will need to choose a registration period for your domain. Different registrars offer several duration options but at a minimum, domain registration companies require users to pay for one year.
  • Verify availability of your domain. You can use a domain name search platform in order to check whether your top domain name of choice is available for you to register.
  • Another tip to consider if your domain name is not quite available is to try out the name with different extensions (.org, .com, .net, etc.) because you're more likely to find an available option.
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3.   Finish Checkout and Verify Ownership
  • Completing this step means that the domain name is all yours and ready to connect back to your website to share with others!

Purchasing & Linking Your Domain on Jemi

On Jemi, you have the capability to complete these steps right from your personal dashboard, under "My Domain." You can connect an external domain to your Jemi site, search for domains that you want to purchase, and see all of the domains that you've purchased directly through Jemi! Jemi makes these steps very simple and easy so you have the domain that you want.
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How to Link Your Domain Name to Jemi
Once you have your domain in hand, it’s time to link it to a website builder on which you’ve decided to host your site. You can easily build and customize your website on Jemi and link your domain directly through the dashboard. Now, this domain will link back to your personal Jemi site!
Closing Thoughts
Make sure that the domain name you select is not too long, relates to your work and content, and doesn’t include any unusual numbers or characters. People typically opt to use their personal or company name as their domain name!
We hope that this blog post helps you out with finding, purchasing, and linking a personal domain name back to your personal site! A domain name gives you the rights to a small, little piece of virtual land on which you can build anything you want and allow others to find, so we hope that these steps will ensure that you get the domain that you want. If you’re interested in building a free, customizable website, feel free to check out Jemi. If you are interested in more tips for creators, feel free to check out other posts on our blog!
If you have any questions about building a website, or about the Jemi platform in general, please do not hesitate to email