How Robert Clotworthy Uses Jemi as His All-In-One Store

How Robert Clotworthy Uses Jemi as His All-In-One Store
by Sameer Rao
For our next Creator Success Story, we’re sharing the story of Robert Clotworthy. Robert is an actor and voice actor who uses Jemi as a way of merging his talent with his fanbase: providing voice-over messages, original voice-over scripts, and merchandise. Keep reading to hear all about his success on Jemi!

Meet Robert

Robert Clotworthy is an actor and voice over artist best known as the narrator for Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island series on the History Channel. He also is the voice of Jim Raynor in the StarCraft video game series.

How Robert Uses Jemi

Robert’s voice acting career has earned him a following on Twitter and Facebook with fans asking for him to perform certain voice-overs. Robert wanted to fulfill these fan requests but do so in a scalable way that also managed monetization.
Since joining Jemi, Robert is now able to manage fan requests and deliver custom voice-overs as well as sell signed merchandise.
How does he do it? Robert simply creates an item on his Jemi page and lets his fans know of the new item using his social media accounts. Fans then purchase the interaction, detail their request for a voice-over message or personalized video, and Robert then sends a voice recording or video back to them.
Robert also uses Jemi to provide other offerings to fans such as personal Zoom calls, merchandise, as well as limited edition signed copies of his voice over scripts.
"Jemi has provided me a way of interacting with fans and providing them the personal experience that had only previously been available at conventions."

Robert’s Jemi Page & Success

Robert’s page has performed well for a variety of reasons:
  • You’ll find him constantly promoting his page to fans on social media
  • Robert offers a variety of items at various price ranges from $20-$50
  • Robert has limited edition signed copies of his work that fans want
Robert is projected to add $10K+ per year to his existing income using the Jemi platform.

Robert's Top 3 Tips for Creators:

  1. Take advantage of the opportunity that Jemi provides. Jemi is an online market place. Offer multiple items.
  1. The more your items have a personal connection between you and fans, the better.
  1. Do it now. Don’t wait.

Closing thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this installment in our Jemi Creator Success Story series. Stay tuned for the next one!
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