How Nina Sung Uses Jemi to Share Her Music
Nina is a songwriter, music producer, and Tiktoker. On Tiktok, she is famously known for making song covers, and providing career advice from her previous job at Tesla. One of her most famous singles is called Only One which was a collaboration with an artist named Illenium. More recently, she’s released her single Green Lights and an EP called You Aren’t Supposed to Hear This. Nina has over 32k followers on her Instagram, 60k followers on Tiktok, and has over 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify!
How Nina Uses Jemi
Since Nina has so many followers and has many varied interests, it can be difficult to interact with all of them in a streamlined way. However, since joining Jemi, Nina is now able to use a single platform to interact with her fans in an easy and simple way, and monetize her content effectively.
One of the most successful ways Nina uses Jemi is by using Jemi as a “one stop shop” for all of her content, links, and her digital services.
For example, Nina’s Jemi page showcases all of her other social media channels, such as her Spotify account, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Nina also promotes her latest songs and EPs, such as embedding links to her music videos, Spotify playlists, and newest singles. By embedding her platforms and songs, Nina is able to use Jemi as an all in one website to promote her links.
Nina also uses Jemi as a digital storefront to sell 1:1 private career sessions, music sessions, and video shoutouts. Nina even offers an exclusive vocal pack, where fans are able to gain access to vocals royalty free! Using Jemi, Nina is able to take full creativity with her Jemi page by offering services related to her brand.
How does Nina do it? Nina is able to do all of this through Jemi’s easy drag and drop website builder. Nina has effectively used shop item blocks, link blocks, music blocks, and more to showcase everything she has to offer to her audience.
Jemi is really unique in that it is the only truly all-in-one solution for creators. What's more, they really listen to their users to constantly be improving and you can tell they really care about their peeps. 10/10 highly recommend :)
Nina’s Jemi Page and Success
Jemi has been a successful medium for empowering Nina to share personalized experiences with fans and promote her music. Here are some reasons for why her page has performed well:
Nina embeds her most popular music
  • Since Nina embeds her music, audiences are easily able to listen to Nina’s most popular songs. That way, fans are easily able to get a sense of who Nina is and the type of music she creates.
  • From there, fans are also able to continue listening to Nina’s music since she also embeds her Spotify playlist on her profile!
Nina promotes links to her other channels
  • By promoting all her links on a single platform, fans are easily able to navigate and discover Nina on other websites. This way, fans won’t have to continually search for Nina’s Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, etc -- it’ll all be on Jemi!
Nina makes her items exclusive
  • For Nina’s shop items, there are only a limited number available. By showing audiences how many items are remaining, fans are more likely to purchase your items so they don’t miss out!
Nina personalizes her page to fit her brand
  • On Jemi, users are free to personalize their pages by adding background images, changing font colors, etc. Specifically, Nina makes her profile appear clean and organized by choosing to mainly have monochromatic colors.
  • Nina also utilizes one of our latest features, link animations! For example, on her links, Nina puts emojis that fit the premise to her songs, as well as facebook/spotify animations to fit her social media channels. Having link animations personalizes your website even more, and captures more of your audience’s attention!
Nina’s Top Three Tips for Success on Jemi:
  1. Try experimenting with the quantity of goods and services. I always try to be conservative with the number instead of giving the impression you have 100 slots for example to “sell.”
  1. I usually like to have the services section at the bottom as it looks cleaner and doesn’t feel like you’re asking immediately for something from the viewer right as they click into your Jemi page.
  1. Nowadays, having an “official website” isn’t as crucial to success as a content creator, but if you do have one, route your website domain to Jemi!
Closing Thoughts
We hope you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Nina Sung! As you can see with Nina’s example, musicians are able to not only promote their music, but also interact with fans to develop deeper relationships using Jemi! Jemi makes sure that all creators have the tools they need to effectively monetize their content and grow their platform. If you’re interested in more examples of how creators are using Jemi, feel free to check out other creator spotlights on our blog!
As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing!