Best Easy to use Website Builders for Music Artists (2022)
While having a good website is essential, we also understand that most musicians are limited on time. As a result, we focused on compiling a list of platforms that offer simple tools, musician-friendly designs and layouts, and features that help you communicate with your fans.
After evaluating various website builders on the market, we believe that bands and individual artists will have the best success creating websites with Jemi or Wix. Other sites such as Music Glue should also be considered. Continue reading to discover more about the website builders that offer the best experience for musicians.


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Founded in 2020, this blazing hot startup has positioned itself as one of the best website builders available for musicians in the market today.
One of Jemi’s major strengths is how easy it is. Jemi’s drag and drop interface is very easy to adapt to, and the platform offers a variety of templates for musicians to use. Whether you are a band or DJ, there are templates for any type of artist. This makes the setup process simple, which is great for musicians who are short of time.
Another reason why Jemi is admired by creators is its quick payout system. You are paid within 1-3 business days after a transaction has been made. In addition, your fans can support you on Jemi with one-time payments rather than monthly memberships, offering a larger degree of flexibility and allowing you to communicate in a more personable way.
Jemi offers 2 plans: the Pro plan for just $9 per month or the Business plan for $35 per month you will have access to your own custom domain name, advanced integrations (Mailchimp, Google Analytics), discounted transactions fees, unlimited pages and much more.


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As one of the most popular website builders today, musicians can do no wrong by choosing Wix.
Like Jemi, Wix's superb drag-and-drop tools make it simple to build a music website from scratch, or you can choose from a variety of beautiful templates aimed squarely at musicians, which are divided into useful categories like DJ & Producer, Solo Artist, and Band.
In addition, Wix boasts an impressive collection of music specific website features that are available for use. For instance, the musical analytics tool allows you to see the statistics of your most downloaded tracks, most played and highest revenue generating tracks.
One of Wix’s major weaknesses is that built-in analytics tools are limited in number. For instance, you will need to download a Google Analytics plugin if you want detailed information on your fans and website visitors (or some other type of site metrics plugin).
Wix has 4 different plans to choose from. While there is a free option, you will probably need at least a Business Basic plan ($23 per month) because most musicians want to sell items and songs directly on their website. However, a Business VIP subscription ($49 per month) is likely to be the best option because it contains the most track storage.

Music Glue

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Music Glue is a music focused website builder that has been used by musicians such as the Backstreet Boys and Black Sabbath. This free and easy to use website builder that  offers a multitude of ready to use music themed templatessocial media integrations and a full suite of ecommerce features.
To add, their premium plan makes all your music streams eligible to chart in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany and more. If you are an up-and-coming artist, this is a great way to gain exposure.
However, there are two downsides to Music Glue that are worth mentioning. First, is that you cannot create a custom domain. If you want your website to not have in your web address, the only option is to purchase a custom domain through a third-party. Second, you do not have the ability to integrate email marketing applications such as MailChimp.


All musicians looking for the perfect website builder need to consider the following factors: Ecommerce features, ease of use, design features and low cost. Jemi, Wix and Music Glue are all extremely strong, budget friendly options. Given that they all are ecommerce friendly, offer a variety of templates and boast an easy way to build a website you can do no wrong by choosing any of the above.
However, if you are on a tight budget and are looking to quickly build a stunning website, Jemi’s drag and drop interface is a must try. Get started here and create your website today here!
If you require assistance you can access Jemi’s help center here or reach out to the support team at