A Guide to Start a Freelancing Website in 2022
By: Tej Sharma
As remote work is more commonly becoming an everyday occurrence, spearheaded by the COVID-19 pandemic, freelancing has become a significantly more attractive option in 2022.
Many individuals pursue freelancing to have the freedom to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. In fact, according to Upwork’s Freelance Forward 2021 study, 59 millions Americans are freelancing which makes up 36%, just over one-third, of America’s workforce.

What is Freelancing?

Before we discuss how to effectively start freelancing, you must first understand what it is. Well, simply put, freelancing is independently working on your own terms while selecting the service you are providing, and with that, working hours, pricing, and place of work. Freelancers work on a contract basis, meaning they are hired by firms or individuals for their services and are paid based upon an agreed upon amount negotiated by their employers.
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If you’re looking to get started as a freelancer, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll walk you through a comprehensive guide to start a freelancing career and how to build a successful freelancing website to get clients, using Jemi, the easiest to use no-code website builder.

How to Get Started?

Define Your Freelance Goals and Objectives
To begin freelancing, like any other project, you must outline some goals for yourself on what you’re looking to achieve. With a combination of short and long-term goals for your freelancing business, you will be establishing a direction for the business and the pathway to achieve your objectives. With this, answering a question such as “Why do I want to work as a freelancer?” will provide you with a clear motive to follow and will keep you disciplined in your work.
Identify a Profitable Niche You Are Passionate About and Become a Specialist for Your Service Offering
The central step in starting to freelance is choosing a skill that you can provide a service for, whether that be vlogging, web development, or anything in between. By offering a skill you are passionate about, you will be far more inclined to continue to actively learn and improve your skill set. With this, your service must have some considerable demand in the market in order for there to be potential profitability, and by bettering yourself everyday at that skill, you can work towards offering it at a higher level than similar competitors out there. Defining a value proposition for your freelancing business over competitors is key in succeeding.
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Determine Prospective Clients and Set Strategic Prices
Once you have a service offering, you must determine what demographic would pay money for it and at what price. As you continue to work with clients from various demographics, you will be able to identify the ones that most benefit from your services over-time and work towards targeting that group. By narrowing down your target client niche, you will be able to charge premium rates as you will be known as reliable in the niche. Additionally, this sets up the next point which is to set prices based on the value you offer, never on what competitors charge. By offering a higher-quality service, there is no price that is too high as clients will value and be willing to pay for your services.
Establish Your Online Presence through Website Creation
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The most crucial step in successful freelancing is establishing an online presence for your business. By building a high quality website to display your creative portfolio, you are creating a landing page for clients to generate their first impressions of you, your style, and your business itself. With this site, you must pitch yourself by effectively communicating your services offerings, displaying high-quality past work, and featuring past client testimonials. There is no better way to drive sales than by showcasing your talents through past work samples and proving to prospective clients you have the skills necessary to satisfy their needs.
The easiest way to make this website is through using Jemi. Jemi is a no-code website builder that is perfect for anyone looking to build a website. Through highly customizable templates, built-in e-commerce tools, and affordable pricing, Jemi allows you to build your dream website for your freelancing business. To be inspired, look through the wide variety of  templates Jemi offers to discover your favourite and take the first steps towards creating a freelancing website. Read more here for a deeper understanding on how to use Jemi to create your freelancing website.
Follow your dreams now and start freelancing today. By following this guide and using Jemi to create your website, you are setting yourself up for success in the freelancing industry.