Hi! I'm Ajay, an undergraduate at MIT studying Computer Science and Management.

About Meย 

I'm a creative at heart who came to MIT to learn CS with the goal of one day using my skills to turn an idea of mine into reality. Data driven and growth minded, I love the challenge of imagining and delivering ideas, products, and experiences from the ground up, especially with great people. I'm a hacker, creative, engineer, and policy thinker.

I've pursued numerous internships in software engineering and data science to expand my skillsets in these areas. I'm experienced in developing machine learning and statistical models to better understand data and inform decision making.

I'm very passionate about creative enabling technology and the creator economy; as a result, I've spent the last couple years building my domain expertise in the space. I've worked in diverse environments that have made me a strong communicator with excellent interpersonal communication.

Work Portfolio

Growth @ Jemi (YC S20)
Machine Learning Engineering @ Adobe
Machine Learning @ REX
Co-founder @ Rivet (over $20k in funding) [March - Sept 2020]
Co-chair of UA Committee on Community & Diversity
FateMatcher: a web dating app I made after hearing a good story at a party

Writing on Strategy

One of my favorite papers I've ever written, on how economics has encouraged copycatting amongst top social media companies. Also mentions product concepts they should pursue to differentiate.
A paper that summarizes my thoughts on the music industry and where innovation lies next for it. This industry is known to be closed off to innovation, but this has changed drastically in the last 5 years.ย 
How to sort through all the different "classes" platforms and what's currently going on in the space of e-learning. General hypotheses on the future of democratizing education.


Happy to talk about MIT, product management, working at startups, the creator economy, other interesting industries, literally anything!

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For my music, you can find me on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Instagram.
About Me